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For the record: Pictures of the 6 sites in Paris that were attacked on Nov. 13, 2015

The Ambassador who craves for Facebook "likes" so much that she is willing to swim the Nile to gain 10,000 of them!

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Love Yourself (Justin Bieber)

A thought for today:

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. - Dolly Parton

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Photos of Nov. 13, 2015 carnage in Paris
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The World At Your Fingertips is a site that strives to make your surfing life easier. It does this by attempting to harness all internet resources together in one place for easy access for my personal use and also to share them with anyone who might find it useful. You will also find the Google Search box in every page waiting for your search query.
The following are the highlights of the site:
    1. Its topics range from current talking points and today's world headlines from sources such as the BBC, CNN or Huffington Post to computer tips and useful software.
    2. Practical information of any kind that is often needed by anyone in whichever part of the world he might be in can be found here such as the local time, weather conditions, currency value, etc.
    3. If you love songs, you will be able to listen to some 1,000 old and new English songs and sing along as their lyrics are provided. And the green menu bar at the top takes you straight to your email, Facebook, Skype, PayPal or other accounts with just one click.
    4. Besides news and songs, travel has an important part in this site. For active tourists, or simply armchair/virtual travellers, there are lots of tips and photos of top tourist destinations in Europe, China, Malaysia and Morocco.
    5. There is also an original course covering all aspects of learning Pinyin (the romanized version of Mandarin) as well as a completely-free basic course in the Malaysian and Indonesian languages in 64 lessons with audio to help the individual learner at home. Another of the highlights of this site is an English-Malay Dictionary compiled with loving care by a human and not a machine. As you know, machine translations are often a source of much hilarity!
Thanks for reading. - Webmaster

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