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Masonry Image Gallery of the 2017 Chinese New Year procession in Paris's Chinatown at Porte de Choisy on February 5, 2017 (best viewed on a desktop PC).

 Chinese New Year parade in Paris 

The huge Chinese community in Paris celebrates Chinese New Year around January or February each year on a big scale with several street parades. The biggest one starts from 44 avenue d'Ivry near the Tang Freres supermarket in Chinatown while another, organized by the 3rd district of Paris, departs from the city hall at Hotel de Ville.

The Chinese New Year procession in Paris on February 14, 2016

The Chinese New Year procession in the Chinatown of Paris on February 14, 2016 was unusually calm as the ear-splitting firecrackers hanging from trees or poles (and meant to drive out evil spirits) were prohibited due to the state of emergency in France. In fact it was a cordon of policemen that headed the procession
Previous years' processions
When it was the Year of the Dragon, the Chinese New Year procession of the 3rd district of Paris had a 30 metre long dragon at the head of its procession (photo above).

The next day it was the turn of the 13th district to stage their gigantic procession through the heart of Chinatown. Again the dragons and lions were the highlights of the afternoon though a big group of some 50 to 60 male and female African musicians and dancers stole the show with their magnificent dance and drum spectacle. The photo above (photo on left) shows part of the huge crowd and photo (on right) yet another of the many dragons that danced and wound their way through the streets of Chinatown on Sunday 29 January 2012.

The bright, red colour sets the tone for an auspicious new year.

Unmasked! Guess the poor chap in the centre must be almost suffocating.

The firecrackers hanging from a tree...

...end up in smoke and flames

Towering lions waiting to get into action.

Eye of the dragon - this is just the tip of the "iceberg"!

When it was the Year of the Rat there were two giant "rats" at the head of the procession. Animals coming after the rat in the Chinese Zodiac are: Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog, Pig.

Chinese damsels in New Year attire throw confetti and shout "Happy New Year" to the crowd. Believe it or not, the Chinese New Year celebrations actually last for some 15 days in China!

The procession winds its way through the crowd.

Even the deity has a place in the procession.

Lantern-bearers in their colourful costumes.

Firecrackers to drive off the evil spirits.

The sound and fury of firecrackers (video). Shao Lin display at the procession (video).

More video clips taken during earlier processions in the 3rd district:
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