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"I've To Be Fair To All", Says Abdullah

From Bernama of January 30, 2006

PENANG, Jan 30 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says he holds to the concept of "fairness to all" in any action and decision he makes.
The prime minister said being fair to all is an obligation and the command of Allah (God) entrusted upon a leader.
"I always hold to the obligation," he said.
As prime minister, Abdullah said he always ensures that any action taken whether in the interests of Muslims or non-Muslims, it must be fair and just.
"(Regardless of what) some people say whether I am firm or soft, any action I take is guided by only one thing -- fairness to all as espoused by Islam," he said when speaking at a Chinese New Year open house hosted by the Penang Chinese Assembly Hall.
Abdullah said anyone who needs help must be assisted.
"Moral strength is needed if one is to be fair," he said.
Abdullah said the struggle to build this nation must be given priority as the country's struggle was for all Malaysians.
"Everything has urgency but what should be the priority? The priority should be to the country that we love, Malaysia. This is a priority for all," he said.
He said political stability was important in building Malaysia and it was not an easy thing because it involved racial sensitivities and so on.
"If political stability is a product that can be produced by a factory, we are willing to buy it at whatever price but political stability is something that cannot be traded, it comes from the will of the heart, cooperation and understanding of the rights and aspirations as well as the spirit of tolerance," he said.
"This is where we live, this is the sky above our head and this is the earth we step on, all parties should make an effort to understand and cooperate with each other and if the children understand this, the country's success is ours," he said.
Abdullah said although it was not easy to change the attitude of the stubborn, leaders must make efforts to change them.
He said all parties should understand the priority of unity and train the children to understand it.
"All parties must give priority to unity.
"Everyone should understand other people's sensitivities and be always fair and just so that the country is peaceful, safe, successful and developed in line with the concept of excellence, glory and distinction," he said.
He said if Malaysians wish to see success in the country's development, they should prioritise political stability because it ensures prosperity.
The prime minister said political instability could adversely affect peace and make success an impossible feat.

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