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 About this website 

The World At Your Fingertips (http://pgoh13.com) is a site that strives to make your surfing life easier. It does this by attempting to harness all internet resources together in one place. You can do everything from here. And you can go everywhere from here too.
Why 13? It is a number that is universally known and was added because the domain name pgoh.com (without the 13) had already been bought by a domain-reselling company, so it was no longer available.
But even if you should forget this site's URL just type pgoh13 or the world at your fingertips into any search engine and you should be able to find this site easily.
Although this site has been in existence since Year 2000 (first under pgoh.free.fr, then pgoh13.free.fr) it was only in September 2007 that it started operating under its own domain name and under a paying webhosting company to allow for the heavier bandwidth due to increased network traffic.
Besides the main domain (http://pgoh13.com), the following sub-domains are also used:
http://pinyin.pgoh13.com (Chinese Pinyin lessons)
http://dictionary.pgoh13.com (English-Malay dictionary)

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Thanks for reading. - Webmaster/Owner

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The World At Your Fingertips has come a long way. Grateful thanks to the easel.ly website for making this roadmap available for free.

Down just for you or down for everybody?

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If you see this it means that your computer has a problem and that you will be able to access the site from somewhere else.

At times this website (like any other website) could be down because of server problems. Normally this is shortlived and after an hour or two (or in the worst-case scenario a couple of days!) it would be up and running again.
But in case you think it could be due to your own connection problems there are a few sites you can go to to find out. Among these are:
But of course if this site is down you will not be able to access this page in order to click on the above links so you just have to type something like "down just for me" into a search engine to get the above sites.