Ministry To Help Parents Of Maths Genius
Decide His Future

From Bernama of December 20, 2005

Adi Putra Abdul Ghani

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 20 (Bernama) -- "He sat on my chair just now. He looked so comfortable there that I started to worry that I may lose my job to this brainy boy," joked Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein on his encounter today with Adi Putra Abdul Ghani, a six-year-old mathematics genius from Perak.
Donning a "baju Melayu" suit, Adi Putra looked relaxed as Hishammuddin showered fatherly affection on the boy whose extraordinary intelligence has generated nationwide interest in him.
The minister said although the boy's parents could count on the ministry for guidance, they were ultimately responsible in making decisions over their son's future.
"We will help them in whatever way we can so that they can make the wisest of decisions for him. It will be not only for Adi Putra's sake but also for the benefit of other children, including my own, who will see him as a role model," Hishammuddin told reporters after meeting the boy and his parents, Abdul Ghani Abdul Wahid, 48, and Serihana Elias, 30, at his office.
The minister warned that nobody should exploit Adi Putra for their own selfish ends, saying that those who wanted to help the family should do so with sincerity.
"If you help them, don't expect anything in return because what we are dealing with here is the life of an innocent human being," he said.
During discussions with the boy's parents, Hishammuddin said, he was informed that certain people wanted to take advantage of Adi Putra's fame.
"I will not tolerate that," he said.
Earlier in the day, Adi Putra was in Kuala Terengganu where he was "adopted" by the Terengganu state government by virtue of his father being born and had attended school in the state.
Hishammuddin further said the ministry was looking into ways to promote a more flexible education system which could be equally accessed by all students regardless of their social backgrounds.
"We don't want to see any students in rural areas, who are poor, handicapped or smart like Adi Putra, to be marginalised or deprived of access to education," he said.


Six-Year-Old Adi A Whiz Kid In Maths

From Bernama of November 19, 2005

BAGAN SERAI, Nov 19 (Bernama) -- Adi Putra Abdul Ghani is just six, but has an extraordinary ability in solving mathematical problems and sometimes even devises his own short cuts for them.
Adi Putra, who was taught at home by his parents, is such an expert in Algebra, Trigonometry and Indices that often teachers were said to refer to him their mathematical problems.
The third among five siblings, his father Abdul Ghani Abdul Wahid is a Tenaga Nasional Berhad officer while mother, Seri Hana Ilias an English teacher.
Perak Education, Human Resources and Multimedia Committee chairman, Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir who heard about the boy's rare ability visited the family at their home in Taman Permai Bagan Serai here Saturday.
He quizzed the lad on several difficult mathematics questions but found Adi answering them in a breeze.
Dr Zambry pledged to help the whiz kid and also ask the Education Ministry to pay attention to him.
"I will also ask the Mensa Institute to determine his real IQ," he said.
Abdul Ghani said he discovered his son's remarkable ability when the boy was just five.
He said at the time he and his wife were teaching mathematics to other children but found Adi to be able to better understand what they taught and practice the subject.
"He plays just like other boys his age but revises what his mother teaches him from midnight to 4 am," he said.
Abdul Ghani said he had provided Adi with Internet facilities to communicate with other students, including local university students on mathematical issues.
His son's ambition was to be a professor of mathematics, Abdul Ghani said.
Asked on the abilities of his other siblings, Abdul Ghani said all of them were also very bright and took to mathematics like duck to water as they had been exposed to numbers since early by their parents.

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