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Agadir weather outlook | City map

  Visiting Agadir (in pictures)  

Note: Click on any photo below to reproduce its original size and press the F11 button on your keyboard to fill the whole screen (press F11 again to go back to where you were).
Esplanade at Agadir
The road along the esplanade at Agadir with restaurants setting their tables on the wide pavements.

Esplanade at Agadir
Another view of the esplanade at Agadir. (This photo is courtesy of Keith Paterson).
One of the bigger mosques in Agadir.
One of the bigger mosques in Agadir.

Apart from Agadir there is also a nice beach at El Jadida (an hour by train from Casablanca) which draws large crowds of Moroccans from nearby cities like Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fes and even Tangier in summer. But if you're in Marrakech an alternative place to go to instead of Agadir would be Essaouira, a small seaside resort which is more popular for windsurfing than swimming.

Beach football at La Marina, Agadir
Locals playing beach football at La Marina, the popular stretch of beach in Agadir. Note the huge waves in the background which make the sea more suitable for surfing than swimming. And the sand is not as "golden" as it is made out to be in the flyers!
Souk (bazaar) in Agadir, Morocco
Inside one of the souks (bazaars) in Agadir. Here you will be able to find fruit juice stalls and snacks as well as articles made out of leather, metal, or ceramics by skilled craftsmen, not to mention rugs and carpets, copperware, jewellery and lamps of all kinds, colours and shapes.

Sunset in Agadir
The sunset still visible from the beach before it sinks behind the buildings near the hillside.
Motto of Morocco inscribed on hill
The motto of Morocco ("God, Homeland, King") is inscribed in huge Arabic characters on the face of the hill facing the beach.
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