Razak Baginda Charged With Abetment In
Mongolian Woman's Murder

From Bernama of November 16, 2006

Abdul Razak Baginda, center, is escorted by police officers upon his arrival at a police station for investigation. (AP Photo)
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 16 (Bernama) -- Political analyst Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda was charged in the Magistrate's Court here Thursday with abetment in the gruesome murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu.
The 46-year-old head of a local think-tank was charged under Section 109 of the Penal Code and read together with Section 302 of the same code, which carries the mandatory death sentence, upon conviction.
No plea was recorded from Razak.
He was alleged to have committed the offence between 9.54am and 11.05am on Oct 18 at the 10th Floor of Bangunan Getah Asli at Jalan Ampang.
He allegedly abetted with chief inspector Azilah Hadri, 30, and Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar, 35, to commit the offence.
Yesterday, Azilah and Sirul Azhar, both attached to the Bukit Aman Special Action Force, were charged at the Shah Alam Magistrate's Court, with the murder of the 28-year-old beauty.
Altantuya is believed to have been shot before her body was blown to bits with explosives in a secondary jungle at Subang Dam in Puncak Alam, near Shah Alam, three weeks ago.


(Malaysian News Library) Prominent Malaysian political analyst held in murder of Mongolian woman
Prominent Malaysian political analyst
held in murder of Mongolian woman

From International Herald Tribune of November 07, 2006

The Associated Press

Source: Star Online.
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: A Malaysian court Wednesday ordered a prominent political analyst held for questioning over the murder of a Mongolian model -- a sensational case portrayed by the local media as a romantic liaison gone sour.
The court gave the police until Sunday to hold Abdul Razak Baginda who has close ties to the ruling party for interrogation, his lawyer, Shafee Abdullah, told The Associated Press.
"He is under investigation for abduction and murder of the Mongolian woman," Shafee said.
The analyst was picked up from his office at a well-known think tank, the Malaysian Strategic Research Center, in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday in a stunning arrest that became the talk of the town.
Shafee said police wanted to hold his client for 14 days but he convinced the court that five days were enough.
"He is a person of eminence, a respected person of the community," said Shafee. Charges, if any, will be filed at the next hearing.
Three police officers including a detective and a policeman who works at the elite Special Action Squad at the federal headquarters were arrested separately over the alleged murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu.
Local news reports said police found the Mongolian woman's remains Tuesday in a secluded hilltop patch of jungle outside Kuala Lumpur. She had apparently been shot twice, and her body blown up using C4 explosive, the reports said quoting police.
Police officials were not immediately available for comment.
The Star daily recounted a sordid tale of a romance and possible sexual relationship between the analyst, who is in his 40s, and Shaariibuu. It did not name the analyst.
The Star described her as a 28-year-old free-lance model and a "stunning beauty from Ulan Bator," Mongolia's capital.
Shafee said he wouldn't "go so far to say" that Abdul Razak had a relationship with Shaariibuu, but would say that "he knows the lady."
He said he met his client Wednesday morning and heard his side of the story. "I am extremely relieved from my conversation ... I am totally convinced of his innocence .. he is completely unimplicated."
News reports said Shaariibuu and Abdul Razak met two years ago at a party in Mongolia, and had an on-and-off affair.
After apparently losing contact, Shaariibuu came to Malaysia with a sister and a cousin on Oct. 6 and hired a private detective to track down her alleged lover, The Star said.
It said the woman wanted to confront the analyst with the claim he had fathered a boy, now 16 months old.
She tried to meet him at his house in an upscale Kuala Lumpur neighborhood on Oct. 19, and called her sister and cousin on her cell phone from outside the house, the report said.
However, she was "seized by several men, pushed into a car and driven away," The Star said. The newspaper did not say how it obtained the details, but it said the relatives reported to police that Shaariibuu had gone missing.
It was also unclear what role the three police officers had in the alleged slaying.
Shafee said Abdul Razak knows one of the police officers but not the others. "That police officer is known in VIP circles," he said.
The Star quoted national police chief Musa Hassan as saying there would be no cover-up.
"I am also going to find out how and who authorized the issuance of the explosives used in the murder," he said.