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The Summer Palace (Yiheyuan), popular retreat of emperors and empresses from the summer heat, is now open to anyone who is willing to pay the 15 RMB admission fee.

There you will also come across the Long Corridor which stretches over 728 metres and is covered with 14,000 Chinese paintings in its beams and crossbeams.

This pedestrian walk is near the Qianmen underground station and is well worth a stroll.

The same pedestrian walk is even more alive with its colourful illuminations at night.

A favourite pastime among Beijingers, especially the younger generation, is singing at karaoke bars (KTV). Private rooms costing from 38 to 208 RMB are easily available for such purposes.

One of the 15 or so temples found in the compound of the Yonghegong Lama Temple. The more fervent among the devotees burn incense in one temple, then another. Next page

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