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The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are over but visitors to the city continue to flock to the Bird's Nest (photo). Subway Line 8 will take you there.

A two-storey bicycle parking lot at the Deshengmen underground station for workers who collect them after returning from work by the tube.

Reserve a whole afternoon (or evening) for Hou Hai Lake in the Shichahai area. You can hire a bicycle for a whole day for only 20 RMB when coming out from the underground station at Gulou (with a deposit of 400 RMB). The bicycle rental shop is at Exit B.

Walk to the end of Hou Hai Lake and you will arrive at Qian Hai Lake. Here you can admire the beauty and serenity of the lake while eating or drinking from comfortable sofas or look for souvenirs in its pedestrians-only street.

Silk Street in Xiushuijie (Xiushui Street) is actually the name of a covered shopping complex with narrow alleys in bazaar-like fashion. Place to go if you are shopping for clothes. The adjoining street is filled with a row of both indoor and outdoor restaurants so plan to eat here before or after your shopping experience.

Silk Street from the inside. This is not a place for the weak-hearted as the salespeople here are quite aggressive and you will need to bargain real hard when you go through its narrow alleys. But the chances are you'll find some clothing to your liking here. It's very near to the Yonganli underground station (Line 1). Next page

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