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The photo on the left shows the first 60 steep steps that lead to the Bell Tower (zhong1lou2). After that you climb another 15 steps round the corner before you arrive at the top. A warning sign says that "visitors who got hypertension, heart disease and acrophobia" are forbidden to climb up the steps.
And the second photo is what you see when you reach the top - a huge bell measuring 7 metres high. But you also get a good view of the surrounding areas including the Drum Tower (gu3lou2) which is under reparation.
Try to combine a visit to the Bell Tower with a visit to the Hou Hai (hou4hai3) and Qian Hai (qian2hai3) lakes (see Page 4) as they are in the same neighbourhood.

The principal attraction at the Beijing Zoo is undoubtedly the panda, which has become a symbol for China, especially in the diplomatic field.

What is this Beijinger doing? (Those staying in China will find this question too easy!)
Give it a guess, then click here for the answer.

The Beihai Park (Bei2hai3gong1yuan2) is not well served by public transport so you have either to take a taxi or hire a bicycle for the day. But if you still want to take public transport then get off at the underground station called Wangfujing and take Bus 103 from there. Next page

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