March 31, 2004

High Com bomb: Terror ruled out

A SMALL bomb thrown at the Australian High Commission in Malaysia yesterday caused no damage or injuries and was not linked to a terrorist attack, authorities said.
But security around foreign embassies in the capital Kuala Lumpur was tightened after the bomb was thrown from a speeding car and hit the front fence of the Australian diplomatic mission about 5am local time.
It was the first attack on a foreign mission in Malaysia.
A senior Malaysian police official said the device was made of "firecracker material", and played down the possibility of a terrorist attack.
"There is nothing to suggest that this was the work of terrorists," the official said, describing it as "more an act of mischief".
Police said the timing of the attack and the small scale of the explosive suggested it was not calculated to cause loss of life or serious damage and they suspect a disgruntled visa applicant might have been responsible.

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