Wednesday December 17, 2003

PM: Proposals for ‘brain gain’ programme welcomed


KUALA LUMPUR: Engineers and researchers should come forward with suggestions on how to make Malaysia the choice country to work in, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
He said the Government was prepared to listen to proposals under its “brain gain” programme.
“We do provide them with tax incentives and perks, such as easy visa application, passport approval and clearance to take their cars home to their country of origin.
“However, we are prepared to listen if they have other suggestions,” he said after launching a Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology seminar at the Istana Hotel here yesterday.
Abdullah, who is also the Finance Minister, said the Government and the private sector were not stingy in rewarding workers.
“But for many scientists and researchers, wages is not their priority. It is the facilities and support available that drive them,” he said, adding the warm climate was also a factor in luring foreigners to the country.
Abdullah said it was imperative for the country to retain its best workers and complement them with experts from other countries.
“We want to develop our capacity, not only in the economy but also in science and technology. We want to be the creators of technology, not just the users,” he said.
He added that Malaysia would be competitive if it could add value to its rich natural resources and be innovative.
Abdullah said the Government was hoping to attract bright Malaysians who left the country to return home.

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