Sunday November 28, 2004

Malaysia Briton could be hanged

By Michael Sheridan

MALAYSIAN prosecutors will present detailed murder charges this week against a British man, Anthony King, who faces death by hanging if convicted of the crime.
King, 32, is alleged to have killed Ang Sze Yuen, a Malaysian man of Chinese descent, in a row over a woman on November 14. He was arrested the following day.
He is being held on remand in the notorious prison at Johor Bahru, a city renowned for its nightlife, at the tip of Malaysia near Singapore.
The British honorary consul visited King in jail last week and reported that he was being properly treated.
King, an engineering researcher working in Malaysia, is said by prosecutors to have kicked and punched Ang in an affray at a petrol station that led to the manís death. Local media reports say Ang owned a small shop and was the father of one child.
More details are due to be revealed at the court hearing in Johor Bahru on Thursday, at which King may be asked to enter a plea.
Malaysia has not hesitated to carry out the death penalty in the past against foreigners convicted of capital offences, rejecting appeals for clemency.
While the new government headed by Abdullah Badawi is less prickly towards western countries than that of his predecessor, Mahathir Mohamad, political analysts say the administration will not want to appear willing to make special concessions to foreign defendants.

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