(Editorial from HTML Goodies to Go Issue # 166 - Feb 4, 2002)

Busy World

In today's busy world most people spend much of their time completing tasks and rushing from place to place. Sometimes it becomes very hard to keep up with our jobs, handle housekeeping and home improvements, run the kids to about 100 more places than you would have ever imagined, get the groceries and still find time to sleep. Ahhh, who needs sleep.
So, is technology helping to free up some of our constantly demanded time? Maybe.
What did you do, way back when, after the VCR became popular?
Did you find yourself having more free time in the evening because your VCR was recording your favorite show?
Or did you find yourself taping more shows than you used to watch before and then trying to make time to actually watch them?
Did you actually find it cost you more time than it saved?
What about when you got that PDA? Did it help you get organized? Or did it help you just fit more things into your schedule because you had a better handle on your schedule?
Here's a good one. How did the internet effect you? Well, for many of you I'm sure it gave you a job.
It also provided the world easy access to a wealth of information.
Did the ability to gather information on almost anything save you time? Or did you find yourself spending more time on the internet?
So, what's my point? I guess my point is that ultimately we dictate how busy our lives will be.
With the advent of every new time-saving advance in technology we still have to keep in mind that we control our "free" time.
Just because technology has helped to eliminate or reduce the time it takes to do something doesn't mean we have to fill the void with something else.
Over the past several years studies have shown that people are placing much higher price on their "free" time.
Personally, I think this is a healthy trend. Making your life so busy that you have no time left to enjoy the things that make you happy can make the most even-tempered person tired and cranky.
Spend time with your family, take in a sports event or just take a nap.
Technology can be your friend if you just let it help you reduce the demands on your time and not let it give you more time to add new demands.