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  Casablanca weather outlook | City map

  Visiting Casablanca (in pictures)  

Casablanca (or simply Casa to the locals) has benefited greatly from the film by the same name, giving the city a mythical stature which it undoubtedly deserves.
The Hassan II Mosque here is the biggest attraction as its minaret is the highest in the world. The mosque itself though is the third biggest mosque in the world (after the ones in Mekkah and Medina).

Note: Click on any photo below to reproduce its original size and press the F11 button on your keyboard to fill the whole screen (press F11 again to go back to where you were).

The Hassan II Mosque
View of La Corniche from the grounds of La Grande Mosquee (Hassan II Mosque).
Casablanca's Ain-Diab beach at La Corniche
Majestic view from a cafe of the Ain-Diab beach at La Corniche.
Casablanca's central market
Fish displayed at a stall in Casablanca's central market.

The Royal Palace at Habbous, Casablanca
The Royal Palace near the Habbous district in Casablanca.
Habbous (new medina) district
Main entrance to the Habbous (new medina) district.
Sunset at Casablanca
Sunset at Casa as seen from the Esplanade at Bld de l'Ocean-Atlantique.

The dome of Marabout Sidi Bou Smara.
The dome of Marabout Sidi Bou Smara. It is said that when the marabout passed through the city he was pelted with stones when he asked for water. He then hit the ground with his pilgrim's stick upon which water gushed out.
Rick's Cafe, Casablanca
Those who like the film "Casablanca" starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman (one of those films that are immortal) will be familiar with Rick's Cafe. The Rick's Cafe here was constructed with the setting of the film in mind.
Pigeons at fountain near Mohamed V Square in Casablanca
Near to the Mohamed V Square is a fountain which is home to hundreds of pigeons in the daytime but comes to life only at certain hours in the evening when there is a magnificent display of lights and colours.

La Grande Mosquee Hassan II in Casablanca
La Grande Mosquee Hassan II was built on the edge of the ocean.
Illuminated clock at Place Mohamed V, Casablanca
Illuminated clock at Place Mohamed V with its red and green needles.
The Moulay Youssef Mosque in Habbous, Casablanca
The Moulay Youssef Mosque in the Habbous (new medina) district.

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