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 Where to get Hainan chicken rice in Paris 

Hainan chicken rice at Yuan Xin Restaurant, Paris
Hainan chicken rice at Yuan Xin Restaurant, Paris.
About the best place for Hainan chicken rice in Paris is the Yuan Xin restaurant (it's now known as Restaurant Bambou d'Or) in 9 Rue Philibert Lucot (just after the Chinese church) in the 13th district of Paris. It's closed on Tuesdays and opens 12h00-15h00 for lunch and from 19h00-22h00 for dinner on the other days. There is usually a queue outside the restaurant before it opens at noon on Saturdays and Sundays as it can only seat 30 persons. Go in the evening to be sure of a seat. The service though is quite haphazard, but as the food is good and cheap (the Hainan chicken rice costs 7.20 euros 8.30 euros in 2015), the customers tend to overlook this non-gastronomic aspect of it.
You can also find Hainan chicken rice at Hawai Restaurant , which is at 87 avenue d'Ivry and not too far from the Tang Freres supermarket. It's also closed on Tuesdays. A bowl of clear soup is given with the Hainan chicken rice here. Of course you'll be in for a disappointment if you should expect the same quality you find in Penang and Singapore, two cities that are famous for their Hainan chicken rice.
Both the above restaurants are in the heart of Paris's Chinatown in the 13th district.
The Hainanese chicken rice is not known to many in France because it is not often available in most Chinese restaurants, even the big ones, in Paris. Yet it is a favourite dish with many overseas Chinese (don't know why, but Chinese nationals don't seem to be quite as crazy about it as overseas Chinese!).
The preparation of this dish is quite fastidious. A whole chicken is boiled very slowly over low flame. Then it is removed and immersed into a basin of cold water for a few minutes before being cut into small pieces. This makes the chicken really tender and succulent. Even the rice is cooked not in water but in the chicken stock. The chicken pieces are best eaten after being dipped into the accompanying chili/garlic sauce.

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