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Note: This page might not appear correctly to visitors in China due to the ban on YouTube there.

  Popular Chinese songs of all times  (Click only once to listen on the page) 
Click here for the Chinese lyrics of songs 1-12 below.

16. Minjiang Nocturne (old classical Chinese song)

1. Song of the four seasons

2. The mournful sighs

3. Green island serenade

4. The moon represents my heart

5. Jasmin flower

6. The Kang Ding love song

7. Sweet honey honey

8. Love without end

9. How can I help not thinking of him

10. The Wandering Songstress

11. Lover's Tears

12. Maiden of Alishan (click to listen)

13. Yong2 yuan3 de wei1 xiao4
(Eternal Smile)
by Zhou Xuan
14. Yue4 yuan2 hua1 hao3
(Full Moon, Blooming Flowers)

15. Xiang1 si1 he2 pan4
(Love Sick at River Bank)
Stephen Cheng's Flower Drum and Other Chinese Folk Songs (click on "Play now".)