Sunday December 21, 2003

Pak Lah: I value Chinese support

All as one: Leader of Chinese-based parties and groups pledge their support for the Prime Minister.

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has pledged to use the strong support from the Chinese community for the benefit of all Malaysians.
Saying that he valued the community's support, Abdullah added that it had further convinced him that Malaysians could co-operate and be united for the good of the country.
“It is my duty and that of my colleagues in government to maintain this co-operation for all time,” he said in his speech to over 20,000 people at a dinner at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil held in his honour.
Praising and thanking the crowd for remaining at their dinner tables despite the heavy rain, Abdullah said their action demonstrated their support for the leadership and the desire to remain united.
To reciprocate the crowd’s act of braving the rain, Abdullah refused an umbrella when delivering his speech at the uncovered rostrum at the stage.
“This is a historic night,” he said, and this was greeted with loud cheers and clapping.
Abdullah said Malaysia’s diversity was its strength and greatest asset.
“This is the essence of Bangsa Malaysia, which is needed to develop the country,” he added.
Abdullah also promised to uphold the current power sharing philosophy among the various communities.
“No community will be sidelined. The benefit of our development is to be enjoyed by everybody.”
Later after receiving a Chinese brush painting of bamboos, he said the gift was very apt as it reminded him of the co-operation of the Malaysians.
“This reminds me of the Malay proverb Seperti aur dengan tebing (bamboo and the riverside) which means everyone co-operates to achieve mutual success,” he said.

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