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Which part of the world

A word about the ClustrMaps figures

(Updated on 15 January 2013) After following their suggestions as mentioned in their email below, I am glad to say that the figures do reflect the actual state of affairs now. Thank you, Clustrmaps!

Some years back I discovered ClustrMaps and started using it to have an idea from which parts of the world my visitors come from. It was exciting and fun to discover that people from almost unheard-of places like Asmara, capital of Eritrea or Basseterre, capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis in the West Indies, were checking out "The World At Your Fingertips". Even more fun was to see the map of the world eventually covered with its red dots until there was hardly any space left in it for more.
Then I woke up one morning to find that all the red dots were gone and the old map was replaced by a brand new one with hardly any red dots in it. In other words I had to start again from scratch. For a well-established site this was quite a blow, as if after all these years there were hardly any visitors overnight. But I learnt eventually that that is how ClustrMaps works. According to them there's no fun if the map becomes static due to the fact that there is no more space to show the advancement. After a short while I removed the code and the map completely.
That was nearly two years ago. A month or so back I decided to put the code and the map back thinking that it would start from the present date and zero visitors. In other words I wanted a fresh start. After having installed it I was surprised to find that it did not start afresh from the new date but kept the old date and the old figure and continued from there. In other words when you see "26 Mar 2011 to 2 Jan 2013: 66,266 visits shown above" it included all those months where no visitors were added (*but read their clarification below). It doesn't really mean that over the last 21 months (April 2011-Dec. 2012) there was only a total of 66,266 visitors (which averages to 105 visitors a day). In fact the average number of daily visitors to this site is around 1,400.
For all webmasters this is a great feature indeed. Go here to get one installed on your website and start seeing from which parts of the world your visitors come from.
Thanks for reading. - Webmaster (02 January 2013)

*The highly active ClustrMaps team was quick to send me the following clarification and I am glad to reproduce it:

ClustrMaps: what to do after the map is filled up