Wed, 30 Apr 2003

‘Please jail me for 60 years!’

By Hamidah Atan

A 23-YEAR-OLD ex-convict caused a stir in the Kuala Pilah Sessions Court yesterday when he threatened to go on a killing spree if not put away for good.
And Idzham Faizal Abdul Raub said it with a grin.
The university dropout said he would return to kill his 22-year-old wife, in-laws, a Deputy Public Prosecutor and a lawyer who held a watching brief for his wife’s family, if lighter jail sentences were imposed on him.
He told Judge Harmindar Singh Dhaliwal he wanted maximum jail sentences for each of the three charges of attempted murder he faced.
Earlier, Idzham had pleaded guilty to three charges under Section 307(1) of the Penal Code for attempting to kill his wife, Intan Sharfinaz Mohd Lasim, and her parents, Siti Hajar Mohd Rashid and Mohd Lasim Hassan, in their 40s.
He admitted to slashing them with two parangs at the house of Intan’s parents in Kampung Tanggai about 4am on Feb 20.
When the judge asked him to mitigate, Idzham, who was unrepresented, said he wanted to be jailed for 60 years (for all the three charges) so that he could spend his life in prison.
He told the court that if lighter sentences were imposed, he would return “to kill my wife and her parents as well as the DPP (Suhaimi Ibrahim) and lawyer Edmond Ponniah (holding watching brief for the victims’ family).
Suhaimi and Ponniah kept their cool despite the threats.
Grinning, Idzham told Harmindar Singh he also wanted his name to be recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records as the criminal serving the longest jail sentence in the country.
When Harmindar Singh intercepted saying that what he said was not an appeal for leniency, Idzham Faizal said he felt calm and peaceful in prison.
“I do not want to be a burden to anybody. After all, I only have to eat and sleep in the prison.”
Idzham was jailed for 16 months in 2001 for causing grievous injuries to his wife. When the offence was committed, they had just got married for a few months.
He was released on Feb 19 this year.
Earlier, Permai Hospital psychiatrist Dr T. Sivakumar told the court that based on examination of the collective history of Idzham’s family and Idzham, he suspected that Idzham was under “certain defects of mind” when he committed the offences.
“Based on this, I believe that during the time the offences were committed, he was influenced by delusional and unshakeable false belief and acted according to what he believed.
“However, when the offences were committed, he was aware that his actions were against the law.”
On March 3, Harmindar Singh ordered Idzham to be sent for observation at the hospital when he pleaded guilty to the three charges.
He said although Idzham asked for maximum jail sentence, the court still had to consider it, based on accepted judicial principles.
He sentenced Idzham to 16 years’ jail for each of the charge. The sentences were to run concurrently from the date he was arrested on Feb 20.
While Idzham was escorted to the court’s lock-up after sentence was passed, he caused another stir when he patted Suhaimi, who was sitting with Ponniah at the counter, on the shoulder.
Outside the courtroom, Suhaimi told The Malay Mail that Idzham had made a similar threat against him when he was brought to the same court on March 3.
“Of course, I have to take this in my stride,” he said.
Asked what he intended to do in the next 15-or-so years, he said jokingly: “I guess I have to move to a safer place.”