MARCH 30, 2004 TUE

Couple disown daughter for backing BN

ALOR STAR (Kedah) - An elderly couple who are members of Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) have disowned and evicted their daughter and her family for supporting Malaysia's ruling Barisan Nasional.
Banished from her parents' home, Madam Fadzilah (centre), along with her husband Mahdzir and their six children, sought refuge in this one-room hut in Kampung Parit Jeneri, Kedah. The eldest daughter Maizura (left) helps to take care of the youngest child, seven-month-old Noraina Shafia. -- NEW SUNDAY TIMES
The parents of Madam Fadzilah Abu Hassan Shari, 40, acted after they failed to persuade her to switch allegiance to PAS days before the March 21 election.
Madam Fadzilah, a resident of Sik, said she was shocked by the decision.
She, her husband Mahdzir Che Din and their six children are now staying in a vacant hut owned by a friend 2km away.
The 63-year-old father and 59-year-old mother have not been on talking terms with the estranged family for the past eight days.
Madam Fadzilah's eldest daughter, Maizura, 20, said her grandmother's support for PAS was so intense that she demanded that they vote for PAS when they grow up.
Mr Mahdzir, a rubber tapper, said the situation worsened during the polls campaign when he could not help out at a PAS ceramah (political meeting) organised by his in-laws because of a wedding.
PAS retained control in its northern stronghold of Kelantan state but lost power in neighbouring Terengganu and was thumped in elections to the federal parliament. -- New Straits Times, AFP

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