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 Playlists for online listening from Deezer.com 

Dolly Parton | Shakira | Black Eyed Peas | The Doors | Taylor Swift | Lady Gaga | Whitney Houston | Dusty Springfield | Michael Jackson | Johnny Mathis | Andy Williams | Ani Difranco | Bonnie Raitt | Etta James | Dee Dee Bridgewater | Billie Holiday | Justin Bieber | Juliette Greco | Selena Gomez | Sheryl Crow | Karaoke songs | ABBA | Adele | Selah Sue | Carrie Underwood | Reba McEntire | Laura Marling | Rihanna | R.E.M. | Christina Aguilera | Luna Del Rey | Foo Fighters | Amel Larrieux | Fiona Apple | Queen | Nicki Minaj | Jessie J | Joni Mitchell | Gotye | Billy Joel | Ingrid Michaelson

For lovers of fado music:
Amalia Rodrigues, Queen of Fado
Mariza, the "new" Amalia Rodrigues

(After choosing the artiste please click on "Listen to the playlist". You will need to have a Deezer account but it's free - and it's simple to open one! I have not been able to update these lists for some time now so kindly excuse me if some songs have been withdrawn since.)

Shirley Bassey

Justin Timberlake

Robbie Williams


Leona Lewis

Robin Thicke

Matt Monro

The Bee Gees

Johnny Horton

Mamma Mia! (film)

Caroline Henderson

Amy Winehouse

Eartha Kitt


Wake up!

Norah Jones

Elton John

The Fugees


John Denver

Red Hot C. Peppers

Led Zeppelin

Frank Sinatra

Lisa Ekdahl

Alicia Keys

Paul Anka

Bob Dylan

Johnny Cash

Diana Ross

Beyonce Knowles

Ray Charles

Bob Marley

Everly Brothers

Mariah Carey

Erykah Badu

Leonard Cohen


Joan Baez

Sarah Brightman

James Brown


E. Humperdinck

Elvis Presley

The Beatles

Nat King Cole

Cliff Richard

Simon & Garfunkel

Ella Fitzgerald

Lauryn Hill


The Platters

Nina Simone


Sarah Vaughan

French standards

Edith Piaf

Jacques Brel

GG's playlist

Aretha Franklin