Couples tie the knot on auspicious 'double nine'

From The Star Online of Saturday September 10, 2005

NUPTIAL TIME: Lim Kok and his wife Ng Kim Hooi (in trisha at left) together with Ng Hui Ching and hubby Beh Soon Ni in the right trisha leading 20 others couples into the Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting hall in George Town for the mass wedding Friday.
PENANG: Lim Eng Seong and Lim Kooi Hong whose birthdays fall on Sept 9 married their sweethearts yesterday.
They were among 45 couples who tied the knot in a mass registration held at the Penang Chinese Town Hall.
Sept 9 is a good date to get married, said businessman Eng Seong and his wife, sales personnel Wong Swee Pheng, because in Mandarin "double nine" denotes "eternity".
"From now, Sept 9 will be a double celebration," said the couple, both 34.
Engineer Kooi Hong, 26, and his wife, accounts assistant Lim Chiew Ling, 25, said they would hold their traditional Chinese wedding after the completion of their house in 2007.
Meanwhile, 22 couples were married at the Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society.
In Ipoh, 19 couples were married at a mass wedding ceremony at the Ipoh Chin Woo Association yesterday.
One couple - Loh Chee Wyai and Choo Mee Lian, both 24 - share the same birth date and went to the same kindergarten in Menglembu.
However, they did not know each other until they met on the same flight to Kuching four years ago.