RM3,000 Minimum Fine For Not Carrying MyKad
To Be Abolished

From Bernama of July 11, 2006

PUTRAJAYA, July 11 (Bernama) -- The minimum RM3,000 fine imposed for not carrying MyKad will be abolished, Home Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad said Tuesday.
With the impending abolition, the fine to be imposed on offenders would be determined by the court, he said.
The National Registration Regulations 1990 (Amendment 2001) under Article 25 (1n) would be amended to effect the abolition, he told reporters after addressing his ministry's monthly assembly and launching the courtesy campaign.
Under the regulations, individuals found guilty of not carrying MyKad are liable to be fined between RM3,000 and RM20,000, if convicted.
Through the amendments to be made under the powers vested upon the Home Minister, Radzi, however, said the maximum fine would be retained.
He said the courts were a more appropriate authority to determine the quantum of fine on offenders based on the facts of the case.
"Perhaps, based on the facts of the case, the penalty can be reduced, the fine may be only RM10, it's up to the courts' discretion," he said.
Radzi said MyKad, as the personal identification document for Malaysian citizens, must be brought along wherever they went for security reasons and to avoid from being stolen.
"This has become increasingly necessary now that the country is facing the problem of influx of illegal immigrants and other problems like too many drug addicts," he said.
Radzi said anyone who lost their MyKad must inform the National Registration Department for a new card to be issued immediately.
On the payment to make new international passports said to be "very high", he said the amount was still low compared to the latest security features embedded on the passports, making it one of the world's most sophisticated passports.

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