January 13, 2003

Malaysia to keep tabs on foreigners in flesh trade

The Star/ Asia News Network

SUNGAI PETANI, Jan. 12. — Responding to rising complaints from certain quarters, the government has formed a special committee to monitor foreign students and tourists who are engaged in immoral activities, including prostitution, during their stay in the country.
Deputy home minister Mr Chor Chee Heung said he was recently entrusted by Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to chair the committee comprising representatives from the education and immigration departments, local governments and police.
“The committee will hold its first meeting on Wednesday to find ways to solve the problem and make recommendations to the home ministry for further action,” he said.
Mr Heung said that there were complaints not just about tourists and students from China who were allegedly working in karaoke joints but also about tourists who had come on a short visit but get involved in prostitution.
Foreign students were not allowed to be employed here, more so in the sex trade.
“While foreign students are here, we want to make sure they study, pass their exams and go back without getting involved in immoral activities,” he said.