Over 11,000 fowls culled in northern Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept. 26 (Xinhuanet) -- A total of 11,217 chickens, ducks and pet birds have been culled in the northern state of Kelantan since bird flu was detected in mid-August there, the Malaysia Veterinary Services Department said on Sunday.
The department said in a statement that other parts of the country were not affected by the outbreak. Measures to prevent fowls from being smuggled out of Kelantan remained in force.
It assured the public that all chickens, ducks and eggs in the market were safe for consumption.
It also called on the public to cooperate with the authorities by offering their chickens, ducks and pet birds to be culled when they are told to do so.
The virus of H5N1 strain was first detected in Baru Pasir PekanVillage, Tumpat District on Aug. 17.
On Sept. 3, the virus emerged in Belian Village in the same district before it was detected in six other villages in four districts in the past weeks.
The H5N1 strain has an ability to cause severe disease in humans. The house-to-house checks have been conducted in the identified villages, covering 10,585 members of 2,287 households in the area. However, there has been no case of human being infected with bird flu in Malaysia so far.

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