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  Visiting Geneva (1)  

Click on any photo below to reproduce its original size in a new page. Kindly credit all photos here to http://pgoh13.com

The 3-legged chair in Geneva looms opposite the "Palais des Nations". Standing 12 metres high, The Broken Chair is a reminder of the tragedy caused to human lives and limbs by land mines.

The "Jet d'Eau" (water sprout) has always dominated the Geneva skyline. An awe-inspiring sight to see lake water pumped to a height of 140 metres, especially when there is a strong wind blowing.

Lac Léman, also called Lac de Genéve (hence its English name Lake Geneva), is a good place to go swimming on sunny days. It is also a favourite picnic spot for families as children can play on the lake water in complete safety.

The entrance to the "Parc des Bastions" which, besides being a popular park where public functions are held, is also home to the University of Geneva.

The Reformation Wall in the park. Work on this monument, which is 100 metres long, started in 1909 and lasted 8 years. It was built in honour of John Calvin and other Protestant reformers.

After the promenade along the "Parc des Bastions" it's only a short walk up a hilly slope nearby to explore the old town of the city.

The Café du Bourg de Four, famous for its rösti, a potato dish considered by many Swiss as their national dish, is at the Place du Bourg de Four in the old town.

Although Geneva is not the capital of Switzerland it has gained international renown as it is home to the United Nations European office as well as the International Red Cross and the WHO.

The water fountain seen in all its splendour from the grounds of the Jardin Anglais (English Garden), another popular park in Geneva. The football was in conjunction with Euro 2008.

Entrance to "les Bains des Paquis". On a sunny day this is the place to go for sunbathing or a swim in Lac Léman (Lake Geneva).

Here one can also eat and drink picnic-style as it is a place where one comes to spend a whole afternoon with friends or in families.

Another section of "les Bains des Paquis". Just lazing and sunbathing - what a great way to chill out after the weekly grind!

The new wing of the Palais des Nations, which houses the Geneva UN Office, centre stage of the Human Rights Council where human rights is often the subject of heated debates.

The long hall is lined on both sides with gifts from member countries of the UN, as can be seen from the photo. The Palais des Nations is certainly well worth a visit.

Gigantic paintings covering the wall and ceiling of one of the numerous U.N. conference rooms at the Palais des Nations.

China's gift of a "magic" carpet to the Palais des Nations, the U.N. Office in Geneva. Try to look at it from different angles and you'll see why it is "magic".

The railway station at Place Cornavin, on the Right Bank, is hardly a three-and-a-half-hour train ride from the Gare de Lyon station in Paris.

This is not a train but one of the omnipresent tramways (there are six tramway lines) that link Geneva city to its neighbouring districts.

This giant football appeared above the water spout throughout Euro 2008 which took place in Switzerland and Austria in June that year. The rainbow adds a nice touch of colour to the water jet.

This statue of Mahatma Gandhi is a gift from the Indian government to the city of Geneva. It was unveiled on the 14th of November 2007 at Ariana Park near the Palais des Nations. (Photo by G. Goh)

Flags and buntings decorate the City Hall, which is in the old town and is not far from the oldest square in Geneva called "Place du Bourg de Four".

More photos of Geneva.
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