Model Malaysian Plan for Successful Future of Muslims

From Al-Jazeerah of December 9, 2005

Siraj Wahab, Arab News

MAKKAH, 9 December 2005 —

The Malaysian proposal to adopt Islam Hadhari (Civilizational Islam) as a guiding principle for the successful future of Muslims worldwide was well received by delegates at the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s Makkah summit yesterday.
“Islam Hadhari is a working model of renewal, reform and revivalism for the Muslim world,” said Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi during his speech on Tuesday. “It is not a new religion or mazhab (Islamic school of thought). It is not a new ideology. It is a guide for our development.”
Badawi said Islam Hadhari, a more moderate vision of Islam that focuses on economic and technological development, social justice, and religious tolerance, is being aggressively promoted in Malaysia as a remedy to Islamic extremism.
“The offer to OIC leaders to consider Islam Hadhari as a model for growth is timely as the grouping of 57 Muslim countries considers reforms for it to play a more effective role on the world stage,” said a Malaysian journalist covering the summit.
Badawi said Islam Hadhari is aimed at enhancing the quality of life through the mastery of knowledge and the development of individuals and the nation.
“It is intended as an integrated and balanced development that creates a knowledgeable and pious people who hold noble values — people who are honest, trustworthy and prepared to take on global issues,” Badawi said.
Badawi said Islam Hadhari was neither a concept to pacify the West, nor an approach to apologize for perceived Islamic threats.
“It is an approach that seeks to make Muslims understand that progress is enjoined by Islam,” said Badawi. “It is an approach that is compatible with modernization and yet firmly rooted in the noble values as injunctions of Islam. It is an approach that emphasizes substance over form.”
Badawi outlined ten fundamental principles of Islam Hadhari:
• Conscientiously promoting and fostering unity among Muslims through emphasizing matters that unite them rather than those that divide them;
• Being more proficient at harnessing the resources that OIC countries have at their disposal through innovative measures;
• Undertaking capacity-building measures that enable all Muslims, particularly women, to realize their full potential;
• Strengthening trade and economic links among Muslim countries in order to benefit from the globalization process and to move into the mainstream of the global economy;
• Putting their houses in better order by combating corruption and promoting good governance;
• Increasing transparency and accountability;
• Being more articulate in convincing the wider world that Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and moderation that promotes progress;
• Urgently establishing a disaster-response mechanism that would enable OIC countries to quickly respond with financial and other forms of assistance in a coordinated manner;
• Never giving up support for the Palestinian cause; and
• Doing its part to fight international terrorism in all forms and manifestations, irrespective of race and religion.

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