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This, and many other current hits, as well as their lyrics for you to sing along with, can be found in "Songs of Today, Songs of Yesterday" at http://pgoh13.com/mobile. Enjoy!

Stay (Zedd & Alessia Cara)
Coming up next: Despacito (Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber)
This week's Top 12 from U.S. Billboard's "The Hot 100"

A song from the past

It is hoped that this, and other songs from the past featured here, will bring back nostalgic memories to the oldsters and happy discoveries to the younger generation.

Yesterday (The Beatles)
Lyrics of the above song (and many other songs from the past) can be found here.

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How to Make Peru's Best Ceviche

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How to Make the Best Ceviche Recipe
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About this website

The World At Your Fingertips is a site that strives to make your surfing life easier. It does this by attempting to harness all internet resources together in one place for easy access. Click to see more below.

You will also find the Google Search box at the top of every page waiting for your search query. This is not a customized search that earns revenue and is limited in its scope but gives exactly the same results as the official Google site (Web, Images, Map, News, etc.) Besides, if you are not from an English-speaking country, you will get the search results in English here, not results from the local version of Google in another language which you are likely to get even if you should go to the google.com website. This is because Google detects which country you are from and delivers the results in your country's national language (if it is not English).
The following are the highlights of the site:
    1. The "World news headlines" links to the top 5 newsfeeds from the BBC, CNN, New York Times International Edition, Independent (U.K.), The Age (Australia) and Toronto Star (Canada). At any time of the day or night you will never miss out if something big happens.
You will be able to find lots of computer tips and a list of indispensable software programs to help you get the best out of your computer. There are also step-by-step instructions on how to use some popular software such as TeamViewer, Partition Wizard, PrintEdit, ManageFlitter, Cobian Backup, RssReader, PIXLR, Spybot, Paragon Backup & Recovery or Hola! to access blocked websites.
    2. Practical information of any kind that is often needed by anyone in whichever part of the world he might be can be found here. Do you need to know the time at this hour in some foreign country? Or its weather conditions? Do you need to know the equivalent of some foreign currency in your own money? Do you need to know the exact location of the hotel that you are about to book? Or the equivalent of centimeters in inches? Or maybe you need to translate instructions into a foreign language or understand what some foreign instructions mean? These, and more, can be accessed from this website.
    3. There is also "This week's Top 12" from U.S. Billboard's "The Hot 100". And you are likely to find your favourite songs together with their lyrics in Songs of Today, Songs of Yesterday, which is created with smartphone users in mind. There are over 1,100 old and recent English songs in this collection. You can also find some of the standards among French, Chinese, Malay and Spanish songs in this website. They might be very old songs but to quote Athenaeus (though often attributed to Francis Bacon): "Age appears best in four things: old wood to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust and old authors to read." May I humbly add a fifth, which is "old songs to listen to".
    4. Besides news, general information, computer and songs, travel has an important part in this site. For active tourists, or simply armchair/virtual travellers, there are lots of tips and photos of top tourist destinations in Europe (Bruges, Berlin, Milan, Lisbon, Dublin, Sicily, Athens, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Venice, Paris, Madrid, Rome, London, Prague, the French Riviera, Geneva, Copenhagen, Oslo, Andalucia, Budapest, Riga, Krakow etc.), China (Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Hangzhou), Malaysia (Penang, etc.) and even Morocco (Marrakesh, Casablanca, etc.). In each city you will be shown in words and pictures the "must-see" places as well as the things you must absolutely experience even if you don't have much time to spend there. More....
    5. There is also a full course covering all aspects of learning Pinyin (the romanized version of Mandarin). This unorthodox course is really like no other in that a few grammatical rules which have always been a bugbear to foreign learners of Mandarin have been "bent" in order to make the study of the Chinese language easier - without sacrificing much in terms of making yourself understood. It starts from the known to the unknown by giving equivalent English sounds for pinyin spellings such as xi, zh ou q. It is indeed possible to speak Chinese Mandarin without knowing a single Chinese character (I know, more than one prospective student have been put off simply at the sight of these intimidating Chinese characters!) More....
    6. Another of the highlights of this site is an English-Malay Dictionary. You will find it here. This dictionary is compiled with loving care by a human. There is also a link to the automatic Google machine translator to allow instantaneous translation of this or any other website into some 50 languages. Just copy the url of the page and paste it on the new page that opens. But beware, machine translations are often a source of great hilarity!
    7. I have left the main highlight of this site to the end. The completely-free Basic Malay Language Course comprising 64 lessons is undoubtedly the number one site for learning Bahasa Malaysia online. One student has said it is like having a teacher next to you. What's more, there are audio files to help the individual learner at home. Although the Malay language is used mainly in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, it is very similar to the Indonesian language so by studying Malay it is like studying Indonesian at the same time! For this reason I have pointed out the differences between the two languages, where such exist, to enable someone who is more interested in the Indonesian language to also benefit from it. More....
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