No more advertisements in The World At Your Fingertips!

No more advertisements!

This site used to display a few advertisements from Google Adsense in its pages to help defray the cost of maintenance but they slowed down the loading of the pages considerably so there will be no more advertisements henceforth. The loading of all pages should be faster from now on.
To see how true this is I added 2 banner advertisements from Google Adsense to this same page and named it "index_withGA.html". Both pages were then tested in for loading time and the following results were obtained (see screenshots below):
The page without Google Adsense ads took only 1.503 seconds to load (1st screenshot).
The page containing 2 banner ads from Google Adsense took 3.531 seconds to load (2nd screenshot).
So the 2 advertisements alone hold up the loading of the page by 2 seconds.
The tests were taken before this section was added (and therefore did not include the 3 screenshots below). Of course the loading time of the ads would also depend on the type of ads displayed at the moment. Some Flash (fast becoming obsolete) and animated ads can take an eternity!

Loading time of page (without advertisements): 1.503 seconds

Loading time of page (with two banner ads): 3.531 seconds

The above screengrab shows what this page looked like with two banner ads from Google Adsense. They were included for the purpose of testing loading time. Such advertisements will not appear in this website anymore.
Thanks for reading. - GPJ (Webmaster/Owner)