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 Today's World (December 2015) 

(December 31, 2015)
Two policewomen and 8 soldiers held a sex party at police station while Brussels was paralyzed with fear

(December 30, 2015)
With two-thirds of its population gone and the invasion by giant cruise ships, Venice is becoming an open-air museum, Unesco told

(December 29, 2015)
Plane took off and flew in wrong direction for 8 minutes before pilot noticed it and changed its course during a Christmas Day flight

(December 28, 2015)
Anti-Muslim protests continue in Corsica despite ban on gatherings

(December 27, 2015)
Ultra-thin models in France must prove they are healthy with a doctor's certificate or face up to six months imprisonment

(December 26, 2015)
You will never look at a pregnant woman the same way again after reading this. French police detain woman with fake pregnant belly "intended to hide bomb".

(December 25, 2015)
Wealthy men targeted in New York nightclubs by thieving women, police say

(December 24, 2015)
Heartbreaking yet hilarious Facebook letter from young mom who died of cancer. "I look forward to haunting each one of you," she writes.

(December 23, 2015)
As if climbing a 6,099m mountaintop isn't enough, these Bolivian women also wear multilayered skirts on the way up!

(December 22, 2015)
Are they as "clean" as they claim to be? While Blatter says he is a "punching ball" and Platini calls it a "mockery", both are barred from the football scene for the next 8 years

(December 21, 2015)
Oops! MC misreads card and crowns Miss Colombia as "Miss Universe 2015" before realizing winner is actually Miss Philippines

(December 20, 2015)
Miss World 2015: Spain wins after Miss Canada banned from participating for speaking up about human rights abuses in China

(December 19, 2015)
Thai king’s thin skin (even extending to his dog) has observers warning of human rights abuses

(December 18, 2015)
The tooth hurts: British teeth no worse than American, says study entitled "Austin Powers Bites Back"

(December 17, 2015)
WhatsApp messaging suspended in Brazil for 2 days for failing to co-operate in criminal probe

(December 16, 2015)
A tale of two cities. Why New York, L.A. schools responded differently to the same threat

(December 15, 2015)
Just a hoax! French kindergarten teacher invented story of box cutter attack

(December 14, 2015)
French kindergarten teacher attacked by man claiming Islamic State link

(December 13, 2015)
China prepares to rank each of its 1.3 billion citizens by their "social credit".

(December 12, 2015)
Thanks to gender reassignment surgery Jerome, alias Ms. Nimmons, can now look forward to a new life at 40 as a full-fledged woman

(December 11, 2015)
Will the owner of these three Boeing 747s please own up? They have been abandoned at KL airport for over a year.

(December 10, 2015)
San Bernardino: Couple behind the deadliest terrorist attack in the US since 9/11 were radicalised before they started dating online

(December 9, 2015)
Harry Potter author JK Rowling says Donald Trump is worse than Voldemort

(December 8, 2015)
Russia gives France a puppy to replace police dog Diesel killed in Paris raid

(December 7, 2015)
One bystander's shouting: "You ain't no Muslim bruv" to metro knifeman gains popularity but runs foul of Islamic law

(December 6, 2015)
The astronaut who will be joining next April's London Marathon from outer space strapped to a treadmill

(December 5, 2015)
Marion Marechal-Le Pen: the new wonder-girl of France's far-right

(December 4, 2015)
With mass shootings occurring at the average of more than one a day in the United States this year, the question is "Where next?"

(December 3, 2015)
University president tells self-absorbed and narcissistic students to grow up as "life isn't about you"

(December 2, 2015)
Tiny Tokyo restaurant with only nine seats and selling ramen noodles at hardly US$7 a bowl wins coveted Michelin star

(December 1, 2015)
Emirates Airbus A380 claims title of airliner with the highest capacity - a record 615 seats

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