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 Today's World (February 2016) 

(February 29, 2016)
Woman sets up a sting that allows police to catch fraudster after discovering her theatre tickets bought from a Craigslist seller were forgeries

(February 28, 2016)
Your boss may be spying on you: As the digital trail of most employees grows, "predictive analytics" is transforming hiring for businesses and potential employees

(February 27, 2016)
Sisters reunited after having been separated for 30 years following a volcanic eruption that took the lives of their parents and destroyed an entire city in Colombia

(February 26, 2016)
House masters, in charge of residential halls at Harvard University, will now become known as "faculty deans", following protests that "master" brings back slavery image

(February 25, 2016)
Rapper 50 Cent files for bankruptcy but taunts judicial system by publishing photos of himself surrounded by stacks of $100 bills

(February 24, 2016)
Malaysia says it's in the dark regarding Australia's Foreign Affairs Department advisory to its travellers about potential terrorist attacks in Kuala Lumpur

(February 23, 2016)
Dogs welcome but not bankers, unless they pay an entry fee of €70,000 at this Michelin-ranked restaurant. Frustrated owner hits back after his request for a loan was turned down

(February 22, 2016)
Jude Law goes to Calais to "defend" the migrants. He is among some left-wing British stars branded as hypocrites for demanding migrant children in France to be brought to Britain.

(February 21, 2016)
Lions on the run in crowded residential areas of Nairobi after sneaking out from a mostly enclosed park. Predawn search continues for two still missing.

(February 20, 2016)
Brexit: David Cameron claims UK has "the best of both worlds" by remaining in the EU after obtaining "special status" on migrant benefits for 7 years

(February 20, 2016)
Police union calls for law enforcement labor to boycott Beyoncé's world tour. "To taint police officers globally in the Super Bowl is really wrong," says official.

(February 19, 2016)
"A person who thinks only about building walls is not a Christian," says Pope Francis. "For a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful," replies Donald Trump.

(February 18, 2016)
The "right to disconnect": France to consider law allowing people to ignore work emails at home in bid to find the right balance between private and work life

(February 17, 2016)
Hillary Clinton’s candidacy reveals generational schism among American women. Younger women don't find gender all that important while the older ones think that it's about time to have a female president

(February 16, 2016)
After threats from people whose romantic lives were broken because of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg now hires 16 bodyguards working in shifts to protect him at home

(February 15, 2016)
Man remembers who he is after 30 years: head injury following visit to Niagara Falls in 1986 robbed him of his memory until now

(February 14, 2016)
The civil servant in Spain who skips work for 6 years while continuing to collect his salary. And who has the nerve to charge his HR manager for failing to notice his absence!

(February 13, 2016)
Italy’s Prime Minister tells Egypt that his country’s friendship can only exist "if the truth emerges" about the death of an Italian doctoral student in Cairo

(February 12, 2016)
At least 49 dead in riot following late-night fighting between leaders of rival gangs at prison in Monterrey, Mexico. Frantic relatives gather outside prison to know if their loved ones are among the dead.

(February 11, 2016)
Boko Haram's suicide-bomber girls kill 58 in Nigerian refugee camp. They had infiltrated the camp carrying explosives concealed under their religious gowns

(February 10, 2016)
Turban row over. Mexican airline issues apology to Sikh actor and model who was not allowed to board plane because he refused to remove his turban for security search.

(February 9, 2016)
Pre-dawn scuffles in the streets of Hong Kong as food vendors battle with police during crackdown on illegal stalls

(February 8, 2016)
Coldplay headlines the Super Bowl halftime show, but Beyoncé steals the limelight with "Formation", her brand new single with a political message

(February 7, 2016)
Opinion: Why France is failing its Muslims when it has similar levels of immigration as Canada. French Muslims are faced with an impossible choice: reject their identity or reject their country.

(February 6, 2016)
Parlez-vous Français? The French word for "onion" is now ognon (was oignon). Outrage in France over changes in spelling of 2,400 words that will be implemented in September 2016. French Education Minister said these changes follow recommendations made in 1990.

(February 5, 2016)
"No Hair Selfies" campaign to show solidarity with cancer patients on World Cancer Day

(February 4, 2016)
Scottish tourist riding on elephant as part of a trekking tour in Thailand killed after being trampled on by the animal, which showed signs of being "in musth"

(February 3, 2016)
All is not well at Yahoo. Its chief executive Marissa Mayer decides to lay off 15% of its workforce and close offices in 5 cities in order to "dramatically brighten our future"

(February 2, 2016)
Seeking cheap publicity or "paying a tribute" to drowned 3-year-old toddler? Ai Weiwei sparks controversy by posing as dead Syrian boy Alan Kurdi.

(February 1, 2016)
French President Hollande gives in to popular demand and pardons woman whom the courts had convicted twice for cold-blooded murder of violent husband

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