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 Today's World (January 2016) 

(January 31, 2016)
Resisting what is fast becoming the norm in Western Europe. "Children need to have a mother and a father," cry thousands in Rome to protest impending Italian legislation to allow gay unions and adoptions by same-sex couples

(January 30, 2016)
Latest fad in Thailand: Adults treat their human-like "angel dolls" as children and take them to restaurants and ask to sit with them when on a plane

(January 29, 2016)
Catching up on the U.S.? 28-year-old man of European origin arrested carrying two guns at Paris Disneyland hotel said he was armed because he feared for his safety.

(January 28, 2016)
The day when wine took precedence over protocol. France refuses to follow Italy's "cultural submission" to Iran and drops a hint to its VIP visitor that it is not he who dictates what is or is not to be served on the banquet table

(January 27, 2016)
The day when Italy was ashamed of its goddesses. Italians angry with Matteo Renzi for kowtowing to Iran. Marble statues of nude Roman goddesses at the Capitoline Museums were encased in a box-like structure so as not to offend the visiting Iranian president

(January 26, 2016)
Malaysian PM Najib cleared of corruption charge but questions remain over the US$681 million "gift" put into his personal bank account by Saudi royal family

(January 25, 2016)
Pregnant women told to avoid travelling to Brazil and 21 other countries following outbreak of Zika virus, which causes them to give birth to babies with unusually small heads

(January 24, 2016)
For £10 movie theater in Liverpool, U.K. offers the public a chance to see Groundhog Day (starring Bill Murray) 12 times over on February 2

(January 23, 2016)
Hollywood's Oscar awards academy announces more minority members as answer to boycott bid by Jada Pinkett-Smith. But Charlotte Rampling claims the boycott was racist toward whites.

(January 22, 2016)
Germany delivers further blow to EU's Schengen passport-free zone as it sees "no end" to control at its border with Austria

(January 21, 2016)
Boy who cut off "blasphemous hand" says he has no regrets. He raised it in error when imam asked who do not believe in the teachings of Prophet Mohammed.

(January 20, 2016)
Mother of one of the terrorists' victims at Bataclan to sue Belgium for negligence and inaction in harbouring the assassins in its town of Molenbeek

(January 19, 2016)
Russian security guard sets Twitter alight with his resemblance to "The Revenant" star Leonardo DiCaprio

(January 19, 2016)
Vietnam's pro-US Prime Minister in tussle with incumbent for top post in Vietnam's Communist Party leadership

(January 18, 2016)
Top players of Grand Slam tournaments, including that of Wimbledon, involved in suspicions of match fixing but they were allowed to continue competing as things were kept under wraps

(January 17, 2016)
An eye for an eye and a cartoon for a cartoon. Queen Rania of Jordan reacts to Charlie Hebdo's portrayal of what the drowned Aylan could have become

(January 16, 2016)
One trial participant declared brain-dead and four others in hospital with severe brain injuries following intake of experimental painkiller drug

(January 15, 2016)
Students protest "no-chants" policy at high school basketball games in Wisconsin by attending games with duct tape over their mouths

(January 14, 2016)
Right numbers, wrong draw. That millionaire feeling for 42 restaurant workers lasted only 20 minutes as they realized they didn't hit the US Powerball jackpot after all

(January 13, 2016)
Islamic State's advice to "lone wolf" suicide bombers to avoid detection: Shave your beard, encrypt your phones and wear western clothes

(January 12, 2016)
Chancellor Angela Merkel's welcome turns sour as Germany sends some of its migrants back to Austria

(January 11, 2016)
Spain's Princess Cristina to go on trial for fraud but is still sixth in line to the Spanish throne.

(January 9, 2016)
Mexican President tweets "Mission accomplished" as drug kingpin "El Chapo" is recaptured 6 months after escaping through a 1.5km tunnel dug from hole under prison shower

(January 8, 2016)
Furore over removal of former President Hugo Chavez's portraits as Venezuela’s political future hangs in the balance with a newly-elected government

(January 7, 2016)
University students rally round professor who was removed because he made them sign a statement of understanding saying that they will put up with his foul language

(January 6, 2016)
Reports of group attacks on women in Cologne on New Year's Eve heighten tension over migrants in Germany.

(January 5, 2016)
One man's "joke" is a woman's poison. Cricketer fined AU$10,000 for inviting journalist for a drink after game during interview

(January 4, 2016)
Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran after attack at its embassy in Tehran to protest executions

(January 3, 2016)
Mayor of Mexican city murdered less than 24 hours after taking office. She had vowed to clean up the city.

(January 2, 2016)
Man shot and arrested after ramming his car into four French soldiers guarding a mosque

(January 2, 2016)
The Asian migrants: Rohingya refugees flee Burma and attempt perilous boat crossings to a better life in Thailand and Malaysia

(January 1, 2016)
President Obama, if you won’t say it, I will...Show them what they’re messing with

(January 1, 2016)
Huge fire engulfs Dubai's "very luxurious" skyscraper hotel on New Year's Eve but the fireworks nearby go on as scheduled

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