February 07, 2004

Mahathir gets honorary doctorate from Unpad

BANDUNG (Antara): Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Muhammad received on Friday an honorary doctorate in development economics from Padjadjaran University (Unpad) here.
"This is my first honorary doctorate from a university outside of Malaysia, especially in the development economics field," said Mahathir.
"Developing Malaysia was not my success alone but also the work of the previous three Malaysian prime ministers."
Mahathir said his predecessors had laid the foundation for Malaysia's success over the past 20 years.
Yuyun Wirasasmita of Unpad said the degree was to honor everything Mahathir had done for his country.
"Mahathir managed to develop Malaysia from an agriculture-based country to an industrialized country," he said.
Mahathir is the third foreign leader to be awarded an honorary degree by the university, the other two being Joseph Broz Tito of the former Yugoslavia and Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam.

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