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Internet and Computer Tips

Like to listen to your favourite song on YouTube repeatedly in order to be able to sing it? If you are using a desktop you can just right-click on the video clip and choose "Loop" but on an Android smartphone you have to do it differently. Go to the page and search for the video you want. Without opening it press the 3 dots button by its side. Choose "Add to a playlist" then "Create a playlist" and name it as you like. Now go back to the home page of YouTube and press "Library" (the last item on the bottom line). You should find the name of the playlist that you have just created there. Press on it and it should start playing. But that's not all. For it to go on playing non-stop you will have to press the "Go Down" (arrow pointing downward) button below the song and then the Loop button (the one with one arrow pointing to the left and one to the right). Enjoy!

If you have exhausted the free 15Gb of Google Drive (or the free 5Gb of Microsoft's OneDrive aka Skydrive) and are looking for more free storage space in the cloud you might want to open an account with the following two sites:
1. hubiC. It is free and once you activate your account you will have 25Gb to store all your music, photos and videos. It also allows you to synchronize your data across multiple devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
2. pCloud. It offers the same services as the above but you get "only" 20Gb space in the cloud for free here. Once you install its app it will start uploading all the photos and videos from your smartphone automatically without any intervention on your part.

This is how you go about looking for a particular subject or article in a website. Just type the keyword for the article followed by site: followed by the url of the website. Thus if you are searching for all articles concerning "heartburn" in the site just type on the address line or in the Google searchbox the following:
heartburn site:
Similarly if you are looking for songs by Rihanna in this website ("The World At Your Fingertips"), all you have to do is to type on the address line or in the Google searchbox the following (you don't have to type names in capital letters):
(In many cases, as you can see here, it is not even necessary to type the http://www. part of the url).

It is really very easy to put text on a picture. Have your text ready as well as your picture (I mean, know where it is located in your computer) then go to this site called Once your picture is in, a box will appear inviting you to type in your text. It takes only a few seconds before the text is included in your photo. You can then download the result to your hard disk and that is all there is to it!

A complete list of internet tips can be found at this page meant for use on desktop PCs.

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