Tue, 11 February 2003

DAP Wants To Meet US Ambassador

KUALA LUMPUR (Tue): DAP has requested through fax to hold an urgent meeting with US ambassador to Malaysia Ms Marie Huhtala, to strongly protest the planned unilateral US-led war on Iraq without prior approval from the United Nations Security Council.
DAP National Chairman Lim Kit Siang said in a statement that although Huhtala had said that war was not the first priority for US and that Secretary of State Colin Powell's presentation to the UN Security Council last Wednesday was not a "justification for war", these assurances had been belied by the hawkish rhetorics issued daily by top officials in the Bush administration.
Lim pointed out that, in the latest development, for instance, the Bush administration had reacted with rage to an initiative by France and Germany to extend arms inspections in Iraq, including tripling the number of inspectors and conducting air surveillance.
"DAP supports the latest Franco-German plan, which is said to have received Russian support for an extension of time for UN weapons inspectors."
Lim urged the international community to send a clear message to Washington that any unilateral US-led war on Iraq without the approval of UN Security Council would be no less an action of international lawlessness.
He said the international community must mount relentless pressure on the Saddam Hussein regime to disarm all weapons of mass destruction to comply with the 1991 UN Security Council resolution to ban all programmes involving weapons of mass destruction.
"All countries must give full support to UN weapons inspectors led by Hans Blix and Dr Mohamed ElBaradei who advocate stronger and longer inspections as an alternative to an American military attack."