April 13 , 2003

Two Mercy Volunteers Hurt, Three
Malaysian Journalists Kidnapped

KEPALA BATAS, April 13 (Bernama) -- Two members of the Malaysian Medical Relief Society (Mercy) were injured while three members of the Joint Media Team Malaysia (JMTM) were kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in Baghdad Saturday.
An Iraqi man acting as an interpreter for the Mercy workers was shot dead in the incident.
Acting Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told reporters here Sunday that Mercy president Datuk Dr Jemilah Mahmood and another worker, Dr Baba Deani, were injured in the ambush by a group of gunmen.
The two were being treated at a hospital in Baghdad and reported to be out of danger, he said.
The kidnapped journalists were New Straits Times photographer Haji Anuar Hashim, RTM camera crew member Omar Salleh and The Sun reporter Terence Fernandez, Abdullah told a media conference after opening the Kepala Batas Umno Division annual general meeting at the Millennium Hall.
He said the Mercy team, led by Dr Jemilah, were then travelling in a van from the Sheraton Hotel, where they were staying, to a hospital in the city to help victims of the US-led invasion of Iraq.
The journalists were trailing them in a van to do coverage of the relief work by Mercy volunteers.
The two Mercy workers were injured and their interpreter was killed when the gunmen shot at them, he said.
Several other gunmen then kidnapped the Malaysian journalists.