Friday December 24, 2004

See you in court, Hasmawi tells Norlida


BUKIT MERTAJAM: Kedah footballer Hasmawi Hassan has finally come out in the open about cancelling his wedding with Norlida Abdul Rahman, saying he will see her in court.
Hasmawi said he did not want to say much because the matter had become a court case.
“I will see her in court and I will tell all. That’s all I can say,” he said at his family home in Machang Bubuk here yesterday.
BACK TOGETHER: Hasmawi getting a kiss from his mother at their homes Thursday.
On Wednesday, Norlida filed a suit against Hasmawi, for calling off their wedding.
Hasmawi, 24, was relaxed when he spoke to reporters for almost two hours. With him were his father, Hassan Ismail, 56, and his mother, who wanted to be known only as Makcik Ani.
However, he added that this would be the only time he was meeting the press because the case had now gone to court.
Hasmawi said the Kedah coach had granted him a week’s leave so that he could settle his personal problems.
On his disappearance after allegedly sending the SMS on Saturday to call off the wedding, the footballer said he wanted to ease his mind as he was under tremendous pressure.
On whether he would meet Norlida to explain the situation, Hasmawi said: “Tak guna dah. Dia dah pi mahkamah.” (It is pointless now. She has gone to court)
He only smiled when asked whether he still loved Norlida.
The elusive Kedah striker had gone missing since Dec 16 and only returned home last Monday.


Wednesday December 22, 2004

Ditched bride to sue footballer


KLUANG: The tears have dried up for Norlida Abdul Rahman, the bride who was left high and dry by her Kedah footballer groom hours before their wedding ceremony, and she is now going to sue him.
Yesterday, she appointed lawyer K.S. Dass to take legal action against former international footballer Hasmawi Hassan who has returned to his mother’s home in Bukit Mertajam after going into hiding for the past three days.
“I have already instructed my lawyer to take the necessary legal action. I have left everything to him,” said the 23-year-old nurse.
NURSING THE HURT: Norlida receiving a call from a sympathetic relative Tuesday.--STARpic by KENNETH WONG
“This should not have happened to me and it hurts. Hasmawi did not bother or even have the courtesy to explain himself. Neither did his family nor relatives.
“I also cannot forget the look on the faces of my colleagues when I told them what had happened when they came to my house. I cannot describe the embarrassment it had caused me and my family.”
Norlida, who works at Kelinik Kesihatan Kayu Ara Pasong in Pontian, and her family spent close to RM20,000 for the wedding. Some 1,000 invitations had been sent out to relatives and friends.
She claimed that Hasmawi only informed her that the wedding was off via a short message service (SMS) – just 19 hours before the akad nikah ceremony at the bride’s house in Felda Dengar in Kahang here.
“I am getting stronger by the day, thanks to the overwhelming support from my family, relatives, friends and even strangers. I am simply overwhelmed by the show of support for me. It is very heartening and I take solace from their kind words of encouragement,” said Norlida, adding that there had been no other suitors since her story was made public.
In Bukit Mertajam, Hasmawi’s mother expressed shame over her son’s act but claimed he had informed Norlida of his decision to call off the wedding a few days before the SMS was sent.
The mother, who declined to give her name, said Norlida’s superior called her a few days before the SMS incident.
“She told me Norlida had been crying and had fainted. Her superior wanted to know if the wedding was on.
“I told her that I knew nothing and would check with my son. When I asked Hasmawi about it days later, he said dia tak sampai hati (he did not have the heart).
“I do not know what he meant. But I am ashamed of my son’s action towards Norlida and on behalf of my family, I extend my apologies to her,” she said at her family home in Machang Bubuk here yesterday.
“I do not know where to hide my face and I think all mothers will understand my feelings right now. As Malays, we are bound by promises made and my son had not kept his promise.
“The family even made bunga telur (gifts for guests) and was preparing to have a kenduri (feast) this Saturday. We have already sent out 300 invitation cards."
The mother said Hasmawi, who returned home on Monday, went out early yesterday to avoid the media.
Recalling the day when Hasmawi went missing (Thursday), she said she had sent him out to buy the hantaran (gifts for the bride).
“He was still shopping when I called him at 3pm. However, he did not return home that night and on Saturday morning I called Norlida’s mother and informed her about Hasmawi’s disappearance,” the mother added. She said when Hasmawi returned home on Monday, he kissed and hugged her before asking for her forgiveness saying that he had brought shame to his parents.
“He cried but did not want to explain about his disappearance. He just said he needed time. He also told me that he had informed Norlida about his intention beforehand and followed up with that damaging SMS,” she added.

Tuesday December 21, 2004

Malaysian bride jilted via SMS

Norlida Abdul Rahman shows an SMS message from her fiance who backed out from their wedding in Johor Bharu. AFP

Norlida sits alone on the dais during her wedding reception in Johor Bharu. AFP
KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - A jilted Malaysian bride was left waiting on her wedding dais after her groom called off the engagement via a mobile phone text message, a report said Monday.
But Norlida Abdul Rahman, 23, put on a brave face and her wedding dress on Friday night and carried on with the wedding feast for 1,000 guests at her family home although her fiance, a state football player, did not turn up.
"Everything was going well until last Monday when he began behaving differently and showed doubts about the marriage," Norlida was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.
"The last time I spoke to him was on Thursday, when he said he had deposited the balance 4,000 ringgit (US$1,053) of the 6,000 ringgit dowry into my bank account," she said.
He went missing shortly after, and his own family said they could not reach him, she said.
Early on Friday, she received his text message, cancelling the wedding and asking her to forgive him.
"We were not meant to be together," he had written. The couple had met two years ago and got engaged in July last year.
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