Friday July 12, 2002

Sexy Kylie Video Banned

Malaysia has banned one of pop sensation Kylie Minogue's raunchy music videos, saying it is immoral.
Authorities claim the film has contributed to the country's rising crime rate, including rape.
The Film Censorship Board issued a list of 195 banned titles, including Kylie's "Live in Sydney" concert video. In the film, Kylie is clad in a series of her customary sexy outfits and gyrates raunchily with her posse of dancers.
Board chairman Shaari Mohamad Noor dubbed the video immoral.
"In order for us to instil good morals and values in our people, we have to stop importing films that are inappropriate for our country," he said.
The line was in keeping with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's call for Malaysians to "hold onto good values and preserve the family institution".
Other black-listed content included episodes from hit US sitcoms Ally McBeal and Friends.
Owners or distributors of the banned titles face a maximum fine of 10,000 and up to three years jail.