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  Visiting La Rochelle (3)  

Parc Charruyer near Place de Verdun in La Rochelle
Parc Charruyer. A sudden appearance of the sun illustrates the lushness of this park, part of which is close to Place de Verdun. This park is really huge - some people do it on one of the free yellow bicycles.
The Wave (La Vague) of Christian Renonciat
"The Wave" (La Vague) along the promenade was erected on 10.01.03 by sculptor Christian Renonciat as a tribute to the sailors who lost their lives in the sea and to La Rochelle's maritime history.
TGV train from Paris to La Rochelle
The famous TGV trains (high-speed rail service) were inaugurated in 1981 between Paris and Lyon and are capable today of travelling at up to 320 km/h. The one for La Rochelle takes just 3 hours.

View from porthole in the ship France 1 at the Musee Maritime in La Rochelle
View from a porthole in France 1, which together with Angoumois (a trawler that stays at sea up to 12 days during which time the catch is entirely sorted and ice-packed) constitute the principal attractions of the Musée Maritime.
Wooden panelled houses near Plage des Minimes
A building with wooden panelling near the bus terminus at Plage des Minimes. Most of the appartments in this area are rented out to local holidaymakers. The bus-stop near here takes you to Place Verdun, the main bus terminal every half-hour or so.
The famous yellow bicycles of La Rochelle
Yellow bicycles for free for 2 hours. No hassle at all. Just let them "block" your Visa Card for 150 euros and you're allowed to go off with one of the bicycles near the stand meant for tourists next to the Tourism Office.

The old harbour at La Rochelle by day
The old harbour by day...
Night view of the old harbour at La Rochelle
...and by night
University of La Rochelle
University of La Rochelle

Walking excursion by the La Rochelle Tourism Office
A group of visitors listening attentively as a tourist guide from the Tourism Office briefs them on the city's past during a walking excursion in the old quarter of La Rochelle. In fact this city's history is so rich that 1,000 years of its past unfolds right before your eyes as you wander through its cobbled and narrow streets. There are different types of excursion tours on foot organised throughout the year by the Tourism Office, most of them lasting just an afternoon.
Snails for sale at La Rochelle market
Snails for sale at the market. A hundred for 10 euros!
La Rochelle Aquarium souvenir shop
A souvenir shop inside the Aquarium of La Rochelle.

Youth hostel at La Rochelle
The youth hostel near Port des Minimes. For 17 euros you get a night's lodging as well as a full breakfast. At that price you'll be in a room with 6 beds else you have to pay 31 euros if you want a room all to yourself. As in all youth hostels you will meet people of all nationalities and horizons. Next to it is a bowling centre. To go to McDonald's from here just turn left at Av. Michel Crepeau and after about 100 metres turn right into Av Henry Becquerel. The courageous can even walk all the way along Av. Michel Crepeau to the old port. At a leisurely pace this will take about half an hour.
View from the terrace of the snack-bar at the La Rochelle youth hostel
This view is from the terrace of the snack-bar at the youth hostel. If you are lucky you will be able to watch this beautiful sunset while having your dinner*. In the foreground are leisure boats moored at the international marina.

*Dinner costs 6 euros (7.50 euros with dessert) and is available from 19h00 to 20h45 daily. One can also bring one's own food to heat up in the microwave provided. This is in line with the youth hostel concept.
Bridge linking La Rochelle to Isle of Rhe
The 2.9km bridge to the Isle of Ré was open on 19 May 1988. A cyclists' path running parallel to the road makes it safe even for adventurous little children above 12 years to cycle across it. Make sure though that the brakes work as at stages it could be rather steep. In the summer months of July and August local bus No. 50 or 51** from Place de Verdun takes you right across the bridge to Sablanceaux in Ile de Ré for just the price of an ordinary ticket but it goes no further than Pallice port the rest of the year.
**This bus is meant for passengers with bicycles though it also takes in those without.

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