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  Visiting La Rochelle (4)  

Animation at Vieux Port, La Rochelle.
Miming performance at Vieux Port, La Rochelle
Miming performance.
South American musicians at Vieux Port, La Rochelle
South American musicians.
Dog artistes at Vieux Port, La Rochelle
Dog artistes.

Local life at La Rochelle.
Annual garage sale at Le Gabut, La Rochelle
This huge annual garage sale (3rd week of July) at Le Gabut allowed private individuals to get rid of their unwanted objects.
Market day at Les Minimes
In this little port just outside La Rochelle city market day is Friday as mentioned in the signboard.
Boot sales at Les Minimes
The local boot sales at Les Minimes drew huge crowds throughout the day due to the assortment of the articles on sale.

The 19th Century Market in La Rochelle.
19th Century Market in La Rochelle
Another look at the main market of La Rochelle which is near the end of the main shopping street.
Strawberries and raspberries at La Rochelle market
A very long display of strawberries and raspberries makes this fruitstall stand out from the others.
Fresh fish at La Rochelle market
The various types of fish displayed are so fresh that they could have come out straight from the sea.

Popular pastry shop near Place Verdun
There is always a queue outside this popular pastry shop on the shopping street across Place Verdun.
Plage de la Concurrence
At the very end of the Vieux Port is La Rochelle's sandy beach called Plage de la Concurrence.
Le Passeur
This boat, called Le Passeur plies regularly between the Mediatheque and the Vieux Port. The fare is 1 euro in August 2013.

La rue Sur-les-Murs in La Rochelle
After visiting the "chain tower" go for an agreeable walk along what is known as la rue Sur-les-Murs. It links the "chain tower" to the "lantern tower".
History of la rue Sur-les-Murs
Signboard recounts the history of la rue Sur-les-Murs both in French and English. If you go beyond the "lantern tower" you will find yourself in the Concurrence beach.
Dining with the glow of the  sunset at Port Minimes
One can watch the sunset from the Port Minimes beach while having dinner in one of the many seafront restaurants specializing in sea-food.

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