Monday, April 28, 2003

An act of love for hubby

BERITA Harian has a tale about a wife who asked for the hand of another woman – to be her husband’s second wife.
Rokiah Mohd Amin, 48, explained that she did so because she loved her husband Omar Makhtar very much.
This odd tale took place in a village about 30km from Taiping.
The wedding of Omar, 54, and the “other woman'', Salbiah Daud, 33, was held in March.
The dowry comprised RM3,000 and a ring bought by Rokiah.
They used the bridal room of Omar’s eldest daughter who had gotten married a month earlier.
(Omar and Rokiah have five children, aged between seven and 24).
Rokiah and Salbiah now live three kilometres apart and Omar spends time with them on alternate days.
The three of them often go out together for meals.
Recalling the marriage proposal, Rokiah said that Salbiah was astonished when the suggestion was put to her.
The two women then hugged and cried together.
Salbiah, a widow with an 11-year-old child, took several days to think things over and to pray to God for guidance.
Initially, Salbiah, whose husband died 10 years ago, had not wanted to remarry, especially to a married man.
She had even declined other marriage offers previously.
“But I got married this time because things were meant to be that way,” she said.
The newspaper published a photograph of the wedding reception which showed Omar in dark glasses, sitting between Rokiah and Salbiah.
The writer, who interviewed the three together, described them as looking happy.
“They felt that what had happened was God’s will,” the writer said.