Tuesday October 19, 2004

Mahathir's advice on US Elections

Open letter to American Muslims

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
In the past four years, during the Presidency of George W. Bush, the Muslims and their countries have suffered oppression and humiliation as never before in the history of Islam. There is an obvious connection between the sufferings of the Muslims and the policies and thinking of Bush.
We cannot expect much change to the policies of the United States of America towards Islam and the Muslims under Democrats as under Republicans. But we have a duty to ensure that Bush will not be able to determine our fate for four more years.
Kerry may not be any different. But the candidates for the Presidency of the United States must be made aware that in democratic America, Muslim citizens have a voice and can influence the selection of the rulers of the country.
Bush has shown that despite his protests, he is the cause of the tragedies in Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq. People, including children, women, sick and disabled people, have been and are being killed in these countries who otherwise would be alive today. Under the pretext of attacking terrorists, whole towns and villages with their populations are being destroyed by rockets and bombs.
In Palestine, Israeli gun-ships and tanks razed villages and towns to the ground killing innocent men, women and children. All these are done with the approval of President Bush and his veto in the United Nations Security Council. There is no doubt that he will continue to do this if re-elected.
I need not tell you more about the atrocities committed against the Muslims and Islam. But I would like to appeal to you, the Muslim citizens and voters of America, to be united and to cast your votes against Bush, in the name of justice, in the name of Islam.
You may not be numerous enough but in marginal constituencies you can make a difference. It is your bounden duty to send a message to candidates that they must be fair to all the communities in the United States if they wish to rule the country. Even if you fail to unseat Bush, you can at least reduce his majority. But Inshaallah, Bush will lose and Kerry will realise that his victory is partly due to you. Inshaallah, President Kerry will remember the Muslims in America when he rules the United States of America.
Dear Brothers and Sisters. Vote Bush out of office. It is truly an ibadah that you perform.

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia,

15th October 2004
1st Ramadhan 1425

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