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USEFUL LINKS (for each of the 13 States of Malaysia): Johor | Kedah | Kelantan | Melaka | Negeri Sembilan | Pahang | Penang | Perak | Perlis | Sabah | Sarawak | Selangor | Terengganu
Earlier page on Malaysia: Focus on Malaysia

  Visiting Malaysia (An introduction)  

The following are recommended places to visit for a tourist who has just two or three weeks to spend in Malaysia. If you have only two weeks (or if the sea is not your cup of tea), then the Perhentian islands can be left out without taking away too much from your Malaysian experience. In fact, even if you have only two weeks to spend in Malaysia, you can easily squeeze in Melaka, Kota Bharu and Cameron Highlands into your programme as these are places that you need spend just one night (or two nights if your itinerary permits). But within that short period you will be able to gain a better insight into Malaysia's past and present than if you were to visit the other states. As for Pulau Perhentian it's not worth going unless you are able to stay for at least 3 nights (seeing that the motorized boat trip from Kuala Besut can take up to an hour each way, depending on which part of the two islands you are staying in) and that it only operates three times a day. Go here for more details on planning your trip or click on the picture below to go straight to the city you are interested in.

The new Kasturi Walk is 

next to the Central Market The Kuan Yin statue stands majestically next to the Kek Lok Si Pagoda No tourist to Melaka can 

overlook the Jonker Walk
The entrance to the royal palace in Kota Bharu Cameron Highlands is famous for its tea plantations The jetty at Pulau Perhentian's long beach in the bigger of the two islands.

Survival Malay

The following words have the same pronunciation as in English: bank, doctor, telephone, computer, taxi
The Numbers: 1 (satu), 2 (dua), 3 (tiga), 4 (empat), 5 (lima), 6 (enam), 7 (tujuh), 8 (lapan), 9 (sembilan), 10 (sepuluh)
11 (sebelas), 12 (dua belas), 13 (tiga belas), etc.
20 (dua puluh), 30 (tiga puluh), 40 (empat puluh), etc.
100 (seratus), 200 (dua ratus), 300 (tiga ratus), etc.