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A broad spectrum of subjects from diverse sources, local and foreign, touching on major events, developments and issues in Malaysia as well as different aspects of Malaysian life and society (both serious and light-hearted) from 2008 to 2010. Please note that over the course of time, some links might have become invalid.
Disclaimer: The reproduction of the various articles should not be construed as an endorsement of the views contained therein by the site-owner. They are reproduced per se (including the heading above the article) and without any editing.

 Malaysian News Archive (Part 2)* 

Malaysia holiday after football win over Indonesia (By Julia Zappei, AP report in USA Today of Dec. 31, 2010)
A daughter of Malaysia finds her political star rising (Liz Gooch in The New York Times of December 24, 2010)
British woman faces death penalty in Malaysia (Richard Shears in Mail Online report of Dec. 23, 2010)
Wikileaks fuel sex scandal in Malaysia (Jennifer Pak in PRI's The World report of Dec. 20, 2010)
Parliament: Anwar, three Opposition MPs suspended (Bernama report of December 16, 2010)
Malaysia wants Singapore to explain damaging remarks (from The Temasek Review of December 13, 2010)
The unfinished Malaysian corruption story (Tunku Abdul Aziz in Mysinchew.com website of Dec. 11, 2010)
Abuses signal return to "Mahathir era": watchdog (AFP report of December 09, 2010)
Malays who question special rights "traitors": Perak Sultan (Sun2Surf report of Dec. 7, 2010)
Rapid KL bus trial runs Women-Only service until Dec. 31 (Bernama report of Dec. 1, 2010)
In Malaysia, web's popularity breaks a grip on power (Anthony Kuhn in NPR website of Nov. 22, 2010)
Why Malaysian Chinese do not want to join the military (Koon Yew Yin in Mysinchew.com of Nov. 22, 2010)
Malaysian hacks into US Fed: prosecutors (From AFP report of Nov. 19, 2010)
Malaysian state holds sex workshops for elderly couples (From Times LIVE report of Nov. 18, 2010)
Boy's pork lunch sparks religious tensions in M'sia (Julia Yeow in Deutsche P-A report of Nov. 12, 2010)
Singapore seen overtaking Malaysia 45 years after Lee's tears (Shamim Adam in Bloomberg of Nov. 10, 2010)
Utusan calls May 13 a sacred day (Adib Zalkapli in The Malaysian Insider of November 10, 2010)
Zaid's hammer blow to Pakatan (Analysis by Joceline Tan in The Star Online of November 09, 2010)
Big wins at Batu Sapi and Galas recognition of Najib's leadership - Muhyiddin (Bernama report of Nov. 5)
M'sians win global Internet popularity contest (S. Stewart in The Sydney Morning Herald of Nov. 01, 2010)
Rulers concerned on political trend (report in Daily Express website of October 31, 2010)
Hope for a new forward-looking Umno (Zainon Ahmad in Sun2Surf website of October 24, 2010)
Malay rights fully protected - Najib (Bernama report of October 21, 2010)
Malaysian first despite diversity in race, says Khairy (From The Star Online report of October 20, 2010)
Malaysia's mega-tower plan faces online backlash (Sarah Stewart in AFP report of October 19, 2010)
Banned? Adam Lambert attacked for "promoting gay culture" (from Music Vixen of October 11, 2010)
Dr Mahathir, please save your breath (Mariam Mokhtar in the Malaysian Mirror of October 11, 2010)
M'sia or Malaysaja Pt 3 : True meaning of a constitution (Nurul Izzah Anwar in Malaysia Chronicle of Oct. 10)
M'sia or Malaysaja Pt 2 : Clarifying and reconciling the Constitution (Nurul Izzah Anwar on Sept. 06, 2010)
The ultimate Malaysian debate: Malaysia or Malaysaja? (Nurul Izzah Anwar in My Sinchew of Sept. 01, 2010)
The benefit of being Malay first (Jacqueline Ann Surin in The Nut Graph of October 04, 2010)
Malaysia demands Christians refer to God as Yahweh, not Allah (Report in Spero News of October 02, 2010)
Loss of young talent thwarts Malaysia's growth (Liz Gooch in The New York Times of October 01, 2010)
Malaysia advocates moderation to fight extremism (Sybille Lee in The Epoch Times of September 28, 2010)
The Mahathir syndrome (Joe Fernandez in the Malaysian Mirror of September 27, 2010)
The sorry state of dinosaur thinking (Kee Thuan Chye in Free Malaysia Today of Sept. 26, 2010)
Nazri maintains stand on putting nationality before race (From The Star Online report of September 21, 2010)
Malaysia stumbling (Eric Ellis in The Sydney Morning Herald of September 23, 2010)
Kit Siang calls Dr M "No 1 racist in Malaysia" (Clara Chooi in The Malaysian Insider of Sept. 25, 2010)
My hands are tied: Muhyiddin (Hemananthani Sivanandam in Sun2Surf website of September 23, 2010)
Is real change afoot in Malaysia? (Kevin Brown in Financial Times of September 23, 2010)
Indonesians vent anger over maid abuse in Malaysia (AFP report in The Jakarta Globe of September 22, 2010)
Dr Mahathir: Racism a result of S’pore’s stint in Malaysia (from The Temasek Review of September 17, 2010)
Malaysia Day: The quest for one Malaysia (R.B. Bhattacharjee in TheEdgeMalaysia.com of Sept. 15, 2010)
If I were a Malaysian (Mario Rustan in The Jakarta Post of September 16, 2010)
Malaysia according to LKY (from Dr. Mahathir's blog post of September 14, 2010)
Transcript of Lee Kuan Yew's interview to IHT/NY Times (from The Online Citizen website of Sept. 13, 2010)
Nazri asks if Utusan wants Dr M to replace Najib (Clara Chooi in The Malaysian Insider of Sept. 15, 2010)
M'sia growth at risk as dagger-waving repels ethnic Chinese (Shamim Adam in Bloomberg of Sept. 08, 2010)
Special Rights cannot be erased unless the Malays agree to it: Khoo Kay Kim (Bernama report of Sept. 06, 2010)
TV station axes Muslim ad because of Xmas overtones (FaithWorld in Reuters' Analysis of Sept. 06, 2010)
Namewee questioned for 7 hours (from The Daily Chilli website of September 04, 2010)
Malaysia to monitor Internet for 'harmful' blogs (AFP report in France24 of September 3, 2010)
Malaysia tackles national woes with ad campaign (I. Sam and M. Magnier in Los Angeles Times of Sept. 02, 2010)
'Princess of Malay traitors' gives Perkasa royal lashing (P. Lee and SSM in Free Malaysia Today of Sept. 02, 2010)
Youtube video: Malaysian rapper Namewee under probe (From Simple Indulgence Blogspot of August 31, 2010)
Leadership and Malay self respect (Ariff Sabri in Sakmongkol AK47 blog of August 30, 2010)
Tussle over the critical Malay base (Himanshu Bhatt in Sun2Surf website of August 26, 2010)
Malaysia urges Indonesia to act against fecal attacks at Embassy (From the Jakarta Globe of Aug.27, 2010)
Is Dr. M a corrupt evil racist or a misunderstood great leader? (Ken in Malaysia Today website of Aug. 27, 2010)
'Malay by heritage' Zaid slams Dr M (From Free Malaysia Today website of August 25, 2010)
Political rhetoric in Malaysia? (Toreksulong in Allvoices website of August 25, 2010)
Dr M rapped for abandoning Bangsa Malaysia (Adib Zalkapli in The Malaysian Insider of August 25, 2010)
Malaysia the 37th best country in the world, says survey (From The Star Online report of August 22, 2010)
Malaysia gov't probes alleged slurs by school head (from Yahoo! News report of August 20, 2010)
PM to push ahead with 1Malaysia despite resistance: Hishammuddin (from MySinchew.com of August 20, 2010)
Drop the charges against Anwar Ibrahim (Azeem Ibrahim in The Huffington Post of August 14, 2010)
Kelantan Government denies dinar will be second currency (from Bernama report of August 13, 2010)
2 Muslims jailed 5 years for church arson (Julia Zappei for AP in CBS News report of August 13, 2010).
Enforcing NEP on minority religions (Helen Ang in The Centre for Policy Initiatives website of Aug. 04, 2010)
Paris Hilton's mysterious Malaysian party boy tells all (From Gawker of July 29, 2010)
Court fines "cowhead" 12, Hindu leader not pleased (From Free Malaysia Today of July 27, 2010)
Malaysian reality-show contestants compete to be imam (Meris Lutz in Los Angeles Times of July 24, 2010)
From Vietnam with love (Hariati Azizan and Ann Tan in The Star Online of July 25, 2010)
The end of an affection (Joshua Trevino in The Washington Times of July 20, 2010)
Malaysia's bridge is falling down (Thor Halvorssen in The Huffington Post of July 20, 2010)
What Anwar's trial means for Malaysia (John R. Malott, ex-U.S. envoy to Malaysia in the WSJ of July 19, 2010)
Malaysia countering "brain drain" immigration conflicts (James Chow in The Epoch Times of July 19, 2010)
Malaysian TV show to pick imam with youth appeal (Jennifer Pak in BBC News of July 17, 2010)
Updating Dr M on who runs the country (Dr. Lim Teck Ghee in The Centre for Policy Initiatives of July 07, 2010)
DPM: Malays may lose political power if they continue to be divided (from Bernama report of July 06, 2010)
Ghost of Mongolian model continues to haunt M'sian govt (J. Manthorpe in The Vancouver Sun of July 05, 2010)
PM faces uphill task in implementing reform pledges (Melissa Goh in Channel NewsAsia report of June 28, 2010)
Mahathir: Malays might kowtow to others if... (Reme Ahmad in The Straits Times of June 15, 2010)
Malaysia: can Najib touch ethnic quotas and subsidies? (Kevin Brown in Financial Times of June 09, 2010)
All ears to the Malay voice (Joceline Tan in The Star of June 06, 2010)
Agreement augurs well for Malaysia-Singapore ties (Azmi Anshar in The New Straits Times of May 29, 2010)
List of Malaysia's 40 richest (From Forbes.com website of May 26, 2010)
Winds of change hit Sarawak (Kong See Hoh in Sun2Surf website of May 17, 2010)
May 13: Mahathir's dilemma, our cross to bear (Helen Ang in Malaysiakini of May 13, 2010)
New Mahathir biography paints a balanced portrait (from The Jakarta Globe of May 10, 2010)
Mahathir: Maverick, machiavellian or merely mainstream? (Maznah Mohamad in Aliran Monthly - May 2, 2010)
Murphy's Law: Bribes fight to survive (from StrategyPage website of May 2, 2010)
The BN's culture of "balas budi" (Deborah Loh in The Nut Graph of April 29, 2010)
It's Hularious! (Dean Johns in Malaysiakini of April 28, 2010)
Morning after: What does HS augur? (KTEMOC in The Centre for Policy Initiatives website of April 26, 2010)
Malaysia's ruling coalition wins by-election (Channel NewsAsia report dated April 25, 2010)
Another Malaysian by-election Sunday (Bridget Welsh in Asia Sentinel of April 23, 2010)
In Malaysia, Najib's reform dilemma (Prashanth Parameswaran in World Politics Review of April 21, 2010)
MACC to probe candidate pullout (Tim Leonard in Sun2Surf website of April 20, 2010)
Change I will, says PM in New York (From The Star of April 18, 2010)
A view of Malaysia from across the Causeway (Sheridan Mahavera in The Malaysian Insider of April 14, 2010)
Is the MCA able to give up race-based politics? (Ooi Kee Beng in TODAYonline of April 10, 2010).
Najib Razak on New Economic Model (interviewed by Al Jazeera's Fauziah Ibrahim on April 05, 2010).
Affirmative action: Bad for growth? (Posted by Michael Schuman, TIME correspondent on April 04, 2010)
Perkasa warns non-Malays to behave (from The Malaysian Insider of April 04, 2010)
Malaysian PM goes into damage control mode (from Asian News International report of April 2, 2010)
I am Malay first, says DPM (from TheEdgeMalaysia website of April 1, 2010)
Najib unveils NEM to transform Malaysia into high-income economy (Bernama report of March 30, 2010)
Now showing in Bolehland (Kee Thuan Chye in Free Malaysia Today of March 29, 2010)
Minorities cry foul in Malaysia (From Aljazeera.net of March 29, 2010)
MCA Polls: Soi Lek is new MCA president (From The Star of March 28, 2010)
Ibrahim: Malays deserve a bigger chunk of economy (Zainal Epi in Free Malaysia Today of March 27, 2010)
Malaysian politics: Najib v Anwar (From The Economist of March 25, 2010)
Economic reform in Malaysia: Out with the new (From The Economist of March 18, 2010)
Lee wins the All-England at last (March 14, 2010 - Richard Eaton in "Badminton England" website)
The New Malay Dilemma (from Asia Sentinel of March 8, 2010)
Anwar Ibrahim discusses trial, Muslim issues in interview (Wajahat Ali for CNN March 4, 2010)
The Malaysia divide (Alice Lloyd George in the Wall Street Journal of February 24, 2010)
Rumblings on the Malay ground (Joceline Tan in The Star Online of February 28, 2010)
Malay NGOs form consultative council to defend Malay rights, Islam (Bernama report of February 27, 2010)
Malaysia struggles for harmony as tensions bubble (Jennifer Pak in BBC News of February 20, 2010)
Malaysia women caned for extramarital sex (Luke Hunt in Times Online of February 18, 2010)
Allah row reflects Malay racial identity fear (Vaudine England in BBC News of February 12, 2010)
DPM: PERC report on Malaysia is "nonsensical" (From The Star Online of February 11, 2010)
The fallacy of Malay unity (Suflan Shamsuddin in The Malaysian Insider of January 30, 2010)
Perkasa to defend against "disrespectful non-Malay leaders" (From The Malaysian Insider of Jan. 25, 2010)
Perception and Royal reality in Malaysia (From The Asia Sentinel of January 25, 2010)
Pig heads found at two Malaysian mosques: police (from naked-malaysian.com of January 27, 2010)
Finding unity in Malaysia's diversity (Najib Razak in The Wall Street Journal of January 26, 2010)
Malaysian court lifts ban on book by Muslim women (from The Times of India of January 26, 2010)
Malaysia: Unfortunate timing to promote religious tourism (Luc Citrinot in eTurboNews of January 23, 2010)
Malaysia's war of words over God (Nazry Bahrawi in the Guardian of January 21, 2010)
Arrests over Malaysia attacks (From Aljazeera.net of January 20, 2010)
God and Man in Kuala Lumpur (OPINION ASIA: The Wall Street Journal of January 14, 2010)
Book claims 1969 snub set Mahathir against Australia (Lindsay Murdoch Darwin in The Age of Jan. 11, 2010)
PM, other leaders condemn arson attacks (From The Star Online of January 8, 2010)
Malaysian polygamy club draws criticism (Liz Gooch in The New York Times of January 05, 2010)
Malaysia: The worst place to have sex (Foster Kamer in blackbookmag.com of January 04, 2010)
"Allah" ruling may challenge Malaysia (From The Wall Street Journal of January 2, 2010)
Malay politics, both sides now (Karim Raslan in MySinchew.com of December 24, 2009)
Five political risks to watch in Malaysia (From Reuters FACTBOX dated December 15, 2009)
Malaysian woman tries to reverse Muslim conversion (From The Jakarta Post of November 25, 2009)
Mahathir on his greatest mistake...again (Malaysian Mirror report of November 21, 2009).
Critics fear power play in Malaysia (CBS News report of November 18, 2009).
To be Malaysian, we must go to the same school - Mahathir (Bernama report of November 03, 2009)
Bibles seized as Malaysia minorities fear fundamentalism (CNN report of October 29, 2009).
Race, religion remain potent cards in Msia's political game (ABC broadcast on October 28, 2009)
Malaysian political aide probably murdered: Thai expert (From AsiaOne news report of October 21, 2009)
Malaysia Day declared a public holiday (Bernama report of October 19, 2009)
End racial "siege mentality", Umno youth told (From The Straits Times of October 14, 2009)
Thumping win for Isa in Bagan Pinang by-election (From The Star Online of October 12, 2009)
New Malaysian Indian party poses threat to MIC: analysts (From MySinchew.com of October 11, 2009)
Najib: 1Malaysia can be expanded to 1Region, then 1World (From The Star Online of October 6, 2009)
Malaysia: Don't censor or harass independent website (From Human Rights Watch website, Sept. 22, 2009)
Malays 'melt' easily when praised (Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah in Mingguan Malaysia of Sept. 20, 2009)
Ancient hostilities between Indonesia and M'sia turn ugly (S. Fitzpatrick in The Australian of Sept. 12, 2009)
Lim Kit Siang: I'm worried about Pakatan's future. (From Sin Chew Daily of September 7, 2009)
Calls for 'war' in Indonesia-Malaysia dance spat (By Aubrey Belford in AFP report of September 5, 2009 )
Najib walks the Malaysian tightrope (Simon Montlake in The Far Eastern Review of Sept. 4, 2009)
Muslims must not insult other religions - Najib (Bernama report of September 04, 2009)
The myth of a moderate Malaysia (Sadanand Dhume in Forbes.com of August 31, 2009)
Malaysia's National Day soured by new racial woes (AP report in The Philippine Star of August 30, 2009)
Muslim ban at Guinness hip-hop gig (The Canberra Times report dated August 28, 2009)
US asks Malaysia to show results, not rhetoric (AP report in StarTribune.com of August 27, 2009)
Opposition wins Permatang Pasir state by-election (Channel NewsAsia report dated August 25, 2009)
Caning case exposes Malaysian tensions (John Burton in Financial Times report of August 22, 2009)
One Malaysia? (Philip Bowring in The New York Times of August 20, 2009)
Anwar challenges Najib to choose 1 Malaysia or racist propaganda (The Malaysian Insider, Aug. 12, 2009)
NGOs support Muhyiddin's statement on Anwar (Bernama report of August 10, 2009)
Plural society a boon for Malaysia - Najib (Bernama report of August 9, 2009)
Why the honeymoon is over for Malaysia's new PM (Baradan Kuppusamy in TIME magazine of Aug. 6, 2009)
Malay rulers 7 messages for peace, prosperity by Raja Nazrin Shah (Bernama report of August 6, 2009)
Mahathir is man of many facets (Raja Petra interviewed by World Futures Online TV on August 2, 2009)
Malaysian protesters clash with riot police (From The Wall Street Journal of August 1, 2009)
Thank you, Dr Mahathir (Wong Chin Huat in The Malaysian Insider dated July 29, 2009)
Even as we grieve... (Fatimah Abu Bakar pays a tribute to Yasmin Ahmad in The NST of July 28, 2009)
Unexplained death fuels ethnic tensions in Malaysia (J. Manthorpe in The Vancouver Sun of July 27, 2009)
Chua: Difficult for MCA to reform itself (From The Sun of July 21, 2009)
Malaysia's opposition: Anwar holds the PAS (From The Economist of July 16, 2009)
Religious row flares in Malaysia (BBC report of July 15, 2009)
In Malaysia, English ban raises fears for future (Liz Gooch in The New York Times of July 9, 2009)
M'sia on human trafficking list (AP report of June 17, 2009)
PAS nixes Malaysia Alliance idea (James Hookway in The Wall Street Journal of June 05, 2009)
China and Malaysia: A new era of rapport (By Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak in China Daily of June 2, 2009)
Easy win for PKR's Mansor (From The Sun of May 31, 2009)
Malaysia's Islamic party at a crossroads (By Sarah Stewart of AFP in AsiaOne news report of May 31, 2009)
Booming sex sector requires no stimulus package (ANI report in Malaysia Sun of May 25, 2009)
Malaysian opposition MPs arrested at hunger strike (AFP report of May 27, 2009)
Malaysia's PM vows ethnic reforms (BBC report of May 21, 2009)
The Malay dilemma (Ian Buruma's Letter from Malaysia in "The New Yorker" on May 17, 2009)
Male student Malaysia's first Influenza A(H1N1) case (Bernama of May 15, 2009)
Malaysian court deals blow to PM (BBC report of May 11, 2009)
Arrests at Malaysia opposition demo (Al Jazeera report of May 07, 2009)
1 MALAYSIA: A blurred vision (Tunku Abdul Aziz in My Sinchew of May 02, 2009)
Malaysia takes big step in finance liberalization (AP report by Eileen Ng in BusinessWeek of April 27, 2009)
Malaysian minorities struggle with inequality (Wayne Hay in Al Jazeera's report of April 24, 2009)
Malaysia relaxes racial policies (James Hookway in The Wall Street Journal of April 23, 2009)
Malaysia's Crooked Bridge rears its ugly head once more (Ben Bland in The Asia File posted on April 20, 2009)
Malay rulers are centre of strength for people (From The New Straits Times Online of April 20, 2009)
Kami pun faham Bahasa Melayu (Leslie Lau in The Malaysian Insider of April 16, 2009)
The Bourbons of Malaysia (Tan Siok Choo in Sun2Surf of April 15, 2009)
Difference between public rhetoric and official collaboration (Lee Kuan Yew on Singapore-M'sia relations)
Najib's new Cabinet members (Bernama of April 9, 2009)
Malaysian policemen to hang for murder (Yahoo News report dated April 9, 2009)
Malaysia's new leader dealt rebuke in polls (Channel NewsAsia report dated April 8, 2009)
Shadow of Mahathir looms large (Chiew-Siah Tei in the Guardian of April 5, 2009)
Former PM Mahathir rejoins Umno (From The Star Online of April 4, 2009)
Najib vows "One Malaysia, People First, Performance Now" (from Bernama of April 3, 2009)
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi resigns to the king (from Times Online of April 2, 2009)
Najib's Challenge: Clean Up UMNO (Barry Wain in The Far Eastern Economic Review, March 2009 issue)
Father's racial policy may be Najib's undoing (Shamim Adam in Bloomberg of March 20, 2009)
'Mysterious items' found at Badawi's party office (PTI report of March 19, 2009)
Malaysia ruling party in disarray over vote-buying (AP report in IHT of March 18, 2009)
Malaysia budget scarred by woes of PM to be (By David Chance and Razak Ahmad)
Change slow in coming one year after historic Malaysian vote (Deutsche P-A report on March 06, 2009)
Malaysian democracy under a tree (Anil Netto in Asia Times Online of March 06, 2009)
Altantuya allegations flare up again for Najib (Leslie Lau in The Malaysian Insider) of March 05, 2009)
The Muhammad Muhammad type Malay culture (Helen Ang in the Centre for Policy Initiatives website)
Sexual politics, Malaysia style (By Dinda Elliott, March 02, 2009)
Report: Malaysia PM to go from leader to seeder (from MSNBC of February 24, 2009)
Perak constitutional crisis: Speaker unleashes power (from The NST Online of February 19, 2009)
Woman politician quits over nude photos (from The Australian of February 17, 2009)
The amazing Malaysian hopping frog (By P. Gunasegaram of The Star)
Not good idea to bring people of poor quality - Mahathir
Will PAS turn blue? (Wong Chin Huat in The Nut Graph of January 28, 2009)
Nasarudin is first BN rep to join Opposition (By Jane Ritikos of The Star)
Malaysia Islamists in decisive by-election win (By Razak Ahmad of Reuters)
Did somebody say 'money politics?' (Kim Quek in Asia Sentinel of January 13, 2009)
Campaign starts for Kuala Terengganu by-election (January 6, 2009)
Dr. Mahathir's open letter to Barack Obama (January 1, 2009)

Embassy Row: Malaysian Controversy (James Morrison in The Washington Times of December 11, 2008)
How to become very rich in Malaysia (By P. Gunasegaram of The Star)
Clinton heaps praises on Malaysia (Bernama report of December 05, 2008)...and reactions to his speech
The "social contract" from the eyes of an 18-year-old Malaysian
Constitutional monarchy in 21st century Malaysia (Tunku Naquiyuddin Tuanku Ja'afar)
M'sia abuzz with debate about the practice of yoga (By Channel NewsAsia's Melissa Goh)
Coming of age in Malaysia (Sadanand Dhume's review of P. Samarasan's novel Evening is the Whole Day)
Opposition losing steam as politics takes backseat to economy (Commentary by Leslie Lau)
Bernice Chauly's love-hate relationship with Malaysia (By Prodita Sabarini of The Jakarta Post)
Dr M back in spotlight (From AsiaOne report of November 09, 2008)
Malaysian court frees activist blogger (The Wall Street Journal report of November 08, 2008)
Enter Najib, with baggage (From The Economist's print edition of November 6, 2008)
'Scary' bribery in Malaysia's ruling party may spur shakeup (Bloomberg report of November 06, 2008)
Malaysia - A Lost Democracy? (Datuk Zaid Ibrahim's speech at LawAsia 2008 on October 31, 2008)
Acquittal in Malaysia murder saga (BBC report of October 31, 2008)
Najib accepts Malaysiakini's apology (Bernama report of October 22, 2008)
Full statement by the Malay Rulers on the Social Contract (October 16, 2008)
Incitement is not press freedom (Terence Fernandez on Chamil Wariya's "Politik baru YB J" story)
Malaysia's self-prescribed rescue debated (By Cecilia Kang of The Washington Post)
Government is crumbling, but the Opposition is stumbling (Commentary by Michael Backman)
No easy path ahead for PM-in-waiting (Analysis by David Chance)
Who is afraid of RPK? (Article in French by Sylvie Kauffmann of Le Monde)
Malaysia: The present political situation (Commentary by Dr. Chandra Muzaffar)
Malaysia: Outrage at racist blogger (Global Voices Advocacy of October 3, 2008)
M'sia wracked by slow, uncertain leadership change (J. Manthorpe in The Vancouver Sun of Sept. 29, 2008)
Malaysia: Not a country to go (GhanaHomePage of 26 September 2008)
Malaysia's political waiting room (Hannah Beech in TIME magazine online of September 24, 2008)
Malaysia detains 'dissent' writer (BBC News of 23 September 2008)
Ode To Sin Chew by Bridget Welsh (September 20, 2008)
Dark days here for Malaysia's political bloggers (L. L. Corporal in Mindanao Examiner of Sept. 19, 2008)
The entrenched forces still in Anwar's way (Commentary by Baradan Kuppusamy)
Malaysian seeks end to decades of firm rule (Thomas Fuller in The New York Times of Sept. 14, 2008)
The power broker of Penang (TODAYonline of Sept. 13, 2008)
A critical moment in Malaysian politics (The Nation's editorial of Sept. 12, 2008)
Something has changed in Malaysian politics (Commentary by John Lee)
Ahmad Ismail on Malaysia's Chinese (Associated Press of September 9, 2008)
Making of our own Malaysia (Commentary by Karim Raslan)
Anwar Ibrahim wins Permatang Pauh elections on August 26, 2008
Analyses/reports on the general elections of March 8, 2008
Indian discontent fuels Malaysia's rising tensions (February 10, 2008)
PM Abdullah Badawi in CNN interview (January 25, 2008)
Health Minister quits after sex scandal (January 04, 2008)
"Damai Malaysia" says No to street protests (December 16, 2007).
How the European Union sees Malaysia (November 14, 2007).

Najib Razak on New Economic Model (interviewed by Al Jazeera's Fauziah Ibrahim on April 05, 2010).
Malaysia's ISA (from Al Jazeera's 101 East program presented by Fauziah Ibrahim on 6 August 2009)
Part 1 (12 minutes) | Part 2 (9 minutes)
Lawyers arrested during Human Rights walk (December 9, 2007).
Hindraf rally in KL on 24-11-07 (3-minute video report by Al Jazeera's Hamish MacDonald).
Diverging viewpoints on BERSIH protest (November 10, 2007):
Part 1 (11 minutes) | Part 2 (12 minutes)

*Click here for Malaysian News Archive (Part 1) which covers important events that took place in Malaysia between Year 2000 and 2006.

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