Friday, Jan. 16, 2004

Malaysia Muslims Want Mariah Show Banned

Associated Press

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Malaysia's Muslim opposition party has urged the government to cancel an upcoming concert by Mariah Carey, saying her performance is immoral and promotes un-Islamic values.
"Everyone knows Mariah Carey presents herself in a sexy, unacceptable and almost vulgar manner," Ahmad Sabki Yusof, a leader of the fundamentalist Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party's youth wing, said Thursday.
"She is not an appropriate role model for young Malaysians," he told The Associated Press.
Party officials gave a letter of protest to Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism officials Thursday urging that permission for the Feb. 22 concert at a 50,000-seat Kuala Lumpur stadium be withdrawn.
Ahmad Sabki pointed out that date of Carey's concert marks the start of the new year in the Muslim calendar, which is a religious holiday in Malaysia.
Deputy Culture, Arts and Tourism Minister Fu Ah Kiow last week said Malaysian officials supported the staging of the pop star's show, but reiterated the government's policy that foreign performers should "dress accordingly" to avoid offending anyone.
Concert organizers had reportedly assured the ministry that the 33-year-old Carey, who's known for her clingy, revealing outfits, would comply with any dress regulations.

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