June 07, 2004

Do Not Visit Night Clubs, Warning To MCA Leaders

PENANG, June 6 (Bernama) -- All Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) leaders including assemblymen and state level party leaders are prohibited from frequenting "night spots" that can lead to gossip, MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said Sunday.
He warned them that stern action would be taken against those who disobeyed this order.
"You must preserve your image and that of the MCA in the eyes of the public," he said.
"Of course, anything that is illegal, immoral and anything that can lead to misunderstanding should be avoided -- they must be able to take care of themselves," he told reporters after opening the one-day Effective Leadership Workshop here.
Ong, who is also Housing and Local Government Minister, warned them against going to places like night clubs or gambling dens as it could tarnish their image as the people's representatives.
"Don't go to the night clubs. I am not criticising those who frequent the place. If the young people want to go there, that is their business," he said.
There must be restraint to prevent misconception among the public that the leaders were engaging in unhealthy activities.
He also asked them to refrain from frequenting places that would cause a conflict of interest even if it was insisted by their voters.
On the action that would be taken against those who went against the ruling Ong said, "once there are violations, we will know what to do."
He said the MCA had its own code of ethics similar to the one issued by the Barisan Nasional Government.
Meanwhile, Ong said all MCA assemblymen should declare their assets to their respective state leadership.
"Members of Parliament and administrative members must submit their assets declaration to the Prime Minister. I myself have already submitted mine," he said.
Ong said he had already briefed all assemblyman that it was compulsory for them to declare their assets.

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