1955 (Hilltop Hoods ft. Montaigne & Tom Thum)

Time moves a little slower here
The paint peels cause the summers here are so severe
And we’re nowhere near nowhere you would know of
looks as here they show up just to show off
take a load off, just to watch the day go by
Philosophising with their friends like they’re Plato
They prophecize on the bench by the main road, right
They gonna fight some guys
But what do they know
Fox News got em lit fondamentalist the new cobonist
A girl with a shopping list, clutch her handbag close
I’m like “damn man” …
Cause I’m a gentleman, but then again most of are
First name basis in the bank, the post-office, the bar
The grocery, parks, maybe lady I ain’t tryna grab your pension

The old men on the bench

Well lets go, lets go
We’re living in the days when everybody sayin’
“What a time to be alive”
But I’m feeling out of place like I live in outer space
Cause it seems I’m stuck in time
It’s like we light the life
Right in the shadow of the cold war

It gets so quiet at night
Like martial law took a whole joke of ’55

Time moves a little slower here
A day feels like a week, a weekend feels like it could go a year
And we’re nowhere near so true
I don’t tell ’em where I’m from, I tell ’em where I’m close to
And I can go through an atlas, and show you on a map and
You’d still look me sideways and treat me like I’m backwards
But that’s just fine, it just happens