Visiting Morocco's    top cities  

Yes, Morocco still conjures up visions of the Arabian nights - snake charmers, labyrinthine medinas, souks and all - but in a modern setting. It is not for nothing that it is the second most-visited country in Africa.
As I always believe that travelling is also about connecting with the local people, I have been amazed by the great hospitality of Moroccans towards foreigners. While pickpockets and swindlers are always to be found in poor cities (and we should never tempt them by leaving our wallets bulging out of our back trouser pockets), my personal experience when travelling alone in Agadir, Marrakech (or Marrakesh if you prefer), Casablanca and Tanger at all times of the day and night have confirmed that a smile is all that is needed to communicate with the local populace.
While in Marrakech it might be worth your while to take the three-hour train ride to the equally enchanting city of Casablanca. Once you are in Casablanca it will take you only an hour by train to arrive in the capital city of Rabat with its famous Necropolis, Hassan Tower and the Oudaļa gate.

Foodstall at the Djemaa el-Fna Square Sunset as seen from Casablanca beach The Hassan Tower in Rabat

Esplanade at La Marina in Agadir For between 30 and 60 dirham (less than 4-7USD) you can treat yourself to a heavenly and succulent mutton tagine (picture on right). Don't miss it!
And if you are adventurous enough how about asking for camel meat? (Not that I wouldn't want to try, but the idea just didn't occur to me when I was there.) Must try it the next time!
Mutton tagine...yummy!