Beautiful Malaysia (2)

The photos of Pulau Langkawi, Pahang, Terengganu and Kuching below were kindly contributed by Heidi Bue of Germany. She is the owner of a pension house here ( and speaks some Malay as she has been to Malaysia a few times. Terima kasih, puan! After clicking on a photo to see its full-size image use the BACK button to return to this page. msiapix_heidi.html


Pantai Tengah beach

Symbolic eagle

Main town at Kuah

Kuah harbour

On to the cablecar

A fish-breeding farm


DANGER! warning to bathers at the Kuala Terengganu Park

The Kota Gelanggi caves (25kms from Jerantut, Pahang)

The Sultan Ahmad Shah State Mosque in Kuantan, Pahang

The Sungai Pandan Waterfalls (25kms from Kuantan)

One of the many unspoilt beaches in Kuantan

KUCHING (Sarawak)

Kuching city

A longhouse (exterior)

A longhouse (interior)

Longhouse by the river

Orang utan reservation

Kuching waterfront

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